If my Twin Flame doesn’t wish me a Happy Birthday, how should I interpret his silence?

You must be new to the Twin Flame “rejection party” because it goes beyond just wishing you a happy birthday. You have to give up any expectations about your Twin Flame partner because you will always be disappointed by your own assumptions which are annoying and the most excruciating feeling ever!
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You will eventually feel so frustrated by the actions of your Twin Flame yet you Love them deeply. This is why all the frustrating process of being a Twin Flame “Chaser” drives you into complete Surrender because the Love that you feel for your Twin Flame is uncontrollable.

What makes it harder to experience the Twin Flame Process is the intensity of our own personal expectations. So much comes into your mind especially the doubt that your Twin Flame is gone forever once Separation occurs yet the Separation itself is the Lesson that there is no Separation between Twin Flames, it’s an Illusion.

I have had to unlearn all the lessons about Love and dating in general. The Twin Flame experiences have told me that — Once You Meet the Love of your Life, it’s Game Over!

My heart settled once I met my Twin Flame; I am willing to let him have a Separate life if it is his wish but it will never change the Love that I have for him.

I can spend the rest of my Life Surrendering to my Heart because all happiness originated from the Acknowledgement that I know what Unconditional Love means.
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I am so happy to have found and met “The One”. I know happiness, I know Love, and I now understand the beauty of embracing my Life.

Your Twin Flame breathes Life in you whether you are physically together or not. The bond between Twin Flames does not need words and affirmations to be acknowledged, it is what it is!

I hope my answer helps.

Stay Blessed! I love this question.

Stay in Love!

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