What would you do if your Twin Flame is already Married or Dating someone else?

The situation gets very complicated when a Twin Flame meets another when they are both in Karmic relationships or one of the Twin Flame partners is already dating someone else.

The Twin Flame meeting is unexpected because Divine Timing is always at play in the lives of both Twin Flames. When you meet your Twin Flame, you do not doubt within yourself that they are the one — you have that inner knowing and affirmation that this person was created to be your other-self.

What would you do then if your Twin Flame is already Married or Dating someone else?

Talk to your Twin Flame about the complications of the situation because it concerns both of you.

Talking things through with your Twin Flame eases the stress of trying to figure everything out alone and remember that the Twin Flame experience is new to the both of you.

From my experience, it is very difficult to hide the attraction that Twin Flames have towards each other. When I met my Twin Flame, I was still married and one time my husband pointed out that I have a special connection to my Twin Flame. It is so easy for others to notice.

It does not matter if other people can see the attraction that you have for each other or not but what matters the most is what you choose to do as the Twin Flame pair.

Be Fair to everyone involved in your Karmic life because they will be affected by your actions and choices that you make when you awaken to your Twin Flame experience.

Remember that you had a life before you met your Twin Flame and there are so many people in your life who could be relying on you emotionally, financially and physically. Some of the people in your life who would be relying on you include your husband or boyfriend that you are already in a relationship with, your children, family relations, people that you work with and everyone else who is close to you in your life.

When you encounter your Twin Flame, everything that you thought of as “normal” changes because you get a new perspective towards Life, Love, and relations. The Twin Flame experience sheds light on all the darkest corners of your Soul, and once you find enlightenment, you start to crave a significant change in your life that suits your Spiritual Awakening situation.

Because of this new change in your Life after meeting your Twin Flame, you start distancing yourself from old relationships that did not serve you any good, you begin to change your friends and most importantly, you crave to pursue a Life that involves having a relationship with your Twin Flame.

So here is what I did to resolve the issue of meeting my Twin Flame when I was married.

Keep your Twin Flame out of your relationship problems.

When I met my Twin Flame, I desperately wanted to be with him; I wanted to leave my marriage right away so that I could live happily ever after with him. I had expectations of what I wanted out of my Twin Flame relationship and I badly wanted to leave my marriage.

I was so naive then about how the Twin Flame experience works and I had not anticipated the amount of Spiritual work involved when dealing with the awakening to Twin Flame Love.

For me, the situation was more complicated because my ex-husband and my Twin Flame are friends; I was feeling guilty for destroying their friendship in case I made my Twin Flame choose me over his friend and I was also putting my Twin Flame in an awkward situation.

Therefore, I told my Twin Flame how I feel for him but I did not tell my Twin Flame details of my marriage and what choices I was going to make. I only told him that I was going to divorce but nothing more.

My Twin Flame was not involved in the dissolution of my marriage and I did not let my Twin Flame experience to interfere in my marital issues. Furthermore, my ex-husband does not know that I am going through a Twin Flame experience and we still work together.

Physical Separation from your Twin Flame is healthy.

This option is the most challenging one because you choose to separate from your Twin Flame to first contemplate your situation like the way I did because you have to fully accept your Twin Flame experience. Any kind of resistance within yourself will bring to you so much more emotional pain because there is no going around the Twin Flame experience, the only way is to accept and go through the experience by embracing the process.

  • Taking a time-out will give you the freedom to choose if your Twin Flame is the person you would want to have a physical relationship with or not. You will work on strengthening both your emotional and physical boundaries before you try to have a physical relationship together.
  • Do not be afraid of having a long-distance Twin Flame connection if it is a healthy option for you. You can still experience the Spiritual aspects of the Twin Flame process anyway. This is all about you and your Self re-discovery, therefore they are your games and your rules.
  • Physical separation also gives you time and space to dissolve your Karmic ties so that you are free to have a physical relationship with your Twin Flame.

I have written a PART 2 to this article and we shall be discussing the challenges involved when dissolving your Karmic Ties.

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