How do I self-love? I am struggling in my journey & I’m not understanding anymore. What part of the journey am I on?

It is entirely okay to struggle emotionally on your Twin Flame Journey. Remember that we all love differently, we feel differently, we learn differently and most of all we Heal differently.

When I was new to this Twin Flame experience, I had so much pain from inner wounding and I missed my “inner child”. Life felt meaningless to me because I did not feel like I had a core within myself. I had issues of abandonment because of the history from my childhood. I was so fearful of expressing myself, and instead, I suppressed my gifts and talents. I had so much inner fear within myself and this affected the physical aspect of my Twin Flame relationship.

My Twin Flame loves me completely and I am compelled to always expose myself to him because I feel vulnerable around him.

I had to face all my inner wounding and I started with “Self-confrontation” and “Self-Acceptance”.

It was challenging at first to accept myself because my Inner child was suffering.

You have to start with the basics — One, you must learn to forgive yourself. Tell yourself sorry for everything that you feel is out of balance within yourself.

Secondly, Simplify your daily tasks and routines. I always tell myself that I only do things that are simpler than my daily routine.

Speaking of daily routines, Do things for yourself that you have always admired in others. Do the things that you had wished to do but you always restrain yourself.

Self forgives will free your Soul and you will feel ready to explore more of your life. You will love all those parts of yourself that you have always wanted to suppress.

Tell yourself how beautiful you are. Talk to yourself and listen to your Higher Self. Calm yourself down, remind yourself that everything will be all right.

Be grateful for who you are and laugh with yourself. Accumulate happiness in everything you and honer your choices and preferences.

Take it a step at a time. Be patient with yourself — and when doing things pace yourself.

I recommend these books for extra reading:

Thank you so much for this question.

Stay Blessed!

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