How do you know you are ready for union with your Twin Flame?

If you have been on a Twin Flame Journey for long and you have gone through most of the stages of healing, you will realise that the sole purpose of the Soul lessons from within yourself grow you so that you feel united within yourself first before manifestation happens in physical reality.
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Let me tell you something about “Union” from my own perspective and I will use my personal examples.

I say this because I have been going through a series of realizations about my Soul Growth Inspirations and it all comes down to the “energy alignment” with my Twin Flame.

Do you remember the first time you encountered your Twin Flame? That phase when Love is bursting out of you, and you feel no fear or pain.

My first time meeting my Twin Flame was Magical!

Anyway, for our Twin Flame relationship— we both accept each other completely and there is no doubt that my Twin Flame and me are meant to be with each other. We both accept how special we are to each other therefore we both knew that we if the timing was right, we are a match made in heaven.

Not even physical separation can make me doubt the love that I have for my Twin Flame.

So from my experience, True Twin Flames don’t have to worry about the physical aspects of their relationship because once you meet each other, you just know that they are “The one” and you will move mountains to be with them.

When you know, you know.

My Twin Flame Union has been more about feeling ready within myself to embody the “Shared Energy” that keeps growing because every day feels like I am becoming my Twin Flame in energy. There is a harmonious vibration in the flow of our connection.

When I healed the energies of “running & Chasing” within myself, I reached a point when I had no neediness to obsess about physical Union with my Twin Flame. All the insecurities and fear had dissolved within myself and I immersed myself in my freedom and independence.
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Separation during my Twin Flame experiences has been more in energy even if we are both physically separated.

Once my personal power grew, I feel empowered to feel free to either to aspire to a physical Union or not because I am also happy with the Spiritual aspect with the Twin Flame Process.

I feel brand new, and I feel like I am a beacon of happiness.
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But as I told you at the beginning of this answer, a physical Union with my Twin Flame is imminent and I knew that right away the first time I met him because the bond that we share is so Rare. The connection is cosmic and we don’t need to be in the same room to feel the love that we both have for each other.

My conclusion, you know that Union with your Twin Flame is close when you feel balanced within yourself and ready to be with your Twin Flame. Your energy vibration will match exactly how it was during your first encounter.

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Thank you for the question. Stay Blessed.

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