What are the different Stages of a Twin Flame Relationship?

I don’t believe that it is a straight line kind of experience, each phase of the Twin Flame Experience can repeat itself until Healing is achieved and you can relearn your Soul lessons until there is complete Soul Growth.

That being said, I can tell you about the stages that I have experienced in my own words using my own examples from my experiences.

I have not seen so much information about the “Preparation Stage” — this was the phase before I met my Twin Flame.

Phase 1: Preparation.

I started asking myself; What is the meaning of my Life? Why am I the way that I am? What is the purpose of my Life? Is there more to life than what I know? Is my perspective of life correct?

In this phase, I went through a series of experiences that deepened my need for “Soul Searching”. I was craving to change my old life, I wanted to feel in touch with my “inner child” and I felt that there was more to life than just going through the motions of existence.

Because of the need for “Soul Searching”, I started to learn new habits, and as I learned new simple habits daily, my life seemed to improve for the better. The Change was sluggish though sometimes.

Twin Flames & Karmic Partners: Lessons of True Love

I learned new skills, increased the number of books that I read and I learned a new language in the process.

All this was happening during the phase prior to meeting my Twin Flame.

Phase 2: The Encounter / The Initial meeting / The “Bubble Love”.

When I met my Twin Flame, I was married and I was naive about the “Twin Flame Concept”.

Awakening to Unconditional Love — Twin Flame Awakening Experience.

When we found each other, I automatically blended with my Twin Flame in energy vibration. Everything about our conversations and stories clicked. It felt like we’re both filling in the blank spaces in each other’s puzzle.

We became protective of each other, and the bond kept growing stronger and deeper. Everybody who saw us together commented about us. My Twin Flame and I are One person in energy.

In this Bubble Love phase, I felt completely loved and accepted.

Phase 3: The Physical Separation.

Since meeting my Twin Flame was unexpected, we had to physically separate to go back to living our “normal” lives.

This phase included the experiences of “run/chase” phase, the blocking on social media, dealing with the frustration of physical separation and I missed half of myself.

This feeling of emptiness that physical separation brought to my life pushed me to look inside myself to find out why I was experiencing so much pain and I had fear of abandonment within myself.

In this phase, I faced all my pain — I went into a phase of purging my past pain and I had to look at my personal fear and insecurities.

I embraced my inner wounding and I accepted my “Inner Child”.

I was still chasing my Twin Flame in this phase and it took over 8 months to accept Surrender. I was exhausted from trying to reach out to my Twin Flame but we were both dealing with our pain in different ways.

Phase 4: Beginning of Surrender.

Twin Flame Chaser Surrender: Learning to Let Go to Heal
I was still dealing with the fear of letting of controlling my Twin Flame experiences. I struggled to let go of wondering about what my Twin Flame was doing.

As I learned to let go, I embraced Love in my heart by opening myself up to fully accept that my old life situation is gone and I need to focus on the future.

I found Self-love and as I progressed on my journey faithfully, I rediscovered my Authentic Self. Twin Flame Surrender.

As unconditional love worked through me, I found complete healing within myself.

This brought me to the next phase of my Twin Flame Journey.

Phase 5: Realisations & Soul Healing.

This realization phase gave me time to look back at my journey, it gave me an overview of my whole experiences and I was also learning more lessons of Love and Acceptance.
How To Surrender To Self-Love

This phase was slow but every aspect of it purified my soul.

If I had more wounding to heal within myself, I had opportunities to heal more to feel completely ready to embody my Twin Flame energy.

This why I call Phase 4 “Beginning” of Surrender because you have to keep Surrendering to Healing, and Surrender means Accepting every aspect of your Twin Flame experiences.

The next phase is also rarely discussed and this is the place that I am at on my Journey.

This is the phase I like to call “Oneness”.

Phase 6: Merging & Oneness.

This is the phase when you put all the Soul lessons that you learned during your whole experiences to use. It is also a preparation phase for what is to come because you feel authentic within yourself and you are happy to embrace change.

I call this phase “Oneness” because you clearly feel the purity of your connection with your Twin Flame. You feel the “shared energy” with your Twin Flame as it works through you. You feel the intensity of being connected to your Twin Flame.

This phase is euphoric and dreamy. You feel the bliss in your connection and most of all, you feel the “Match” in energy vibration with your Twin Flame. You feel as One.

The challenge I have found in this phase is that the energy of Oneness can trigger your “running” energy from the Connection in case you still have some fear or wounding within yourself.

This is because you have to fully accept that life will never be like it was when you were your previous version. You must Accept Change with all your Soul. Your new energy of oneness requires you to be your authentic self in every aspect of your life.

Lastly, Phase 6 prepares you for a physical Union with your Twin Flame.

For me, I feel completely at One with my Twin Flame and I have been preparing myself to see him again because every aspect of my life is in total harmony. I feel ready to embrace the new change in my life.

Not to jinx it but Divine Timing has laid out all the next steps of my Twin Flame Journey. Everything is working to help me to see my Twin Flame again.

I will tell you guys about what happens in Phase 7 later.

Thanks for this question.

Stay Blessed.

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