Has any Twin Flame chaser surrendered and then later the runner Twin Flame shows up healed and on the same level and changed for the positive?

Once I surrendered and started focusing on myself, my Twin Flame increased the number of times he was communicating through our mutual friend since we don’t talk directly.

He constantly texts our friend and recently, our mutual friend is hinting that my Twin Flame is the right “partner” for me. Our mutual friend doesn’t know that he is using him to get updates about my life because he is the closest person to me.

My Twin Flame had not seen me in over two years, and one time I posted an Instagram video during one of my physical workouts. He was one of the first people to like it because when we are together, we are always inspiring each other to become better.

That was a while ago though when I embarked on Surrender but before I chose to Surrender, I wrote to him a 6-page letter to tell him about my Spiritual Awakening. I thanked him for the love that he shows to me and I also told him that I went through a Spiritual Awakening that has helped me to re-discover myself. I told him that I was giving him space so that I can focus on myself.

My Twin Flame bought all the 5 books that I had recommended to him and he has also healed himself as I have.

I don’t want to jinx it but I will be meeting him soon in a few.

Thanks for this question.

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Stay Blessed.

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