How can you confess to your unawake Twin Flame everything so they could understand without giving your identity as a Twin Flame partner?

Just to understand you correctly, are you saying that you want to tell your Twin Flame the truth but you want to conceal your identity?

First off, there is nothing to confess about because what you feel is how your Twin Flame feels too especially if you both acknowledge the bond and the connection that you share.

Once you look in the eyes of your Twin Flame, you realize that they see your Soul differently from other people. You are always “naked” to your Twin Flame in the Soul.

The best way that I connect with my Twin Flame is by having a heart to heart conversations because we “get” each other. We tell each other the truth especially the hard truth. We freely express to each other when in a face to face conversation or in texts or letters.

There is no way around the truth, tell your Twin Flame how you feel but also know that there is a chance of rejection because they have free will to open up to you or not. Remember that you don’t need words for you to understand your Twin Flame. You feel each other too.

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Stay Blessed.

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