Should Twin Flames interact with each other if both are married? I struggle to resist sending him a message or even call him up. We do not meet and have never touched each other. And never will.

I can relate to your situation because I was the married one when I encountered my Twin Flame. We instantly became best friends with my Twin Flame, and I felt this uncanny feeling of familiarity — it’s like I had met him from another life before. The bond that we share became deeper and stronger every day and the energy shares with my Twin Flame are mind-blowing. On the Twin Flame journey, how do you know that you are going through the right experiences?

What if you meet your Twin Flame when you are Married_

For us, we hugged and kissed on the cheek but nothing sexually intimate but having my Twin Flame in my life filled me up with so much joy and happiness that originated from the soul. How do you move the obstacles on your Twin Flame journey to reunite again.

My Twin Flame respected my marriage and his friend that I had been married to for over 5 years. It is strange how my Twin Flame had been in the background of my life since I met my husband but we had never met yet we both heard stories about each other in passing. Twin Flame Chaser Healing; Free your Soul.

After we physically separated, my Twin Flame wanted us to talk whenever we wanted but I was experiencing all sorts of chaotic emotions within myself. I was consumed by the unconditional love that I feel for him and I missed him so much yet it was impossible for us to be together at that time since I was still married. I was also feeling guilty for having such a deep bond with my Twin Flame yet I didn’t feel it for my husband.

How do you move the obstacles on your Twin Flame journey to reunite again.

I had to tell him how I feel about him — when I told him about my feelings, I also asked him to stay away from me because I was overwhelmed by my feelings for him.

He felt uncomfortable as well by what I told him because it was a complicated situation for both of us to love each other unconditionally yet we had so many blockages between us that would hinder any possibilities of being together.

My Twin Flame said that it was best for everybody if we didn’t talk and this blew a hole in my heart. Twin Flame Awakening; What are the Authentic Signs of meeting a Twin Flame?

The truth is that my Twin Flame never denied our feelings for each other — I already know how he feels for me because of the way we look deep in each other’s eyes.

Physical separation and not being able to talk to my Twin Flame has been the most challenging experience of my life. I think of him every second of the day, I dream of him every night since I found him and I am always remembering the memories that we shared during our initial encounter. Managing Separation Pain: How to recover and heal your pain and Soul Shock.

I see his eyes when I close my eyes and his essence embraces me every day — We have been in physical separation for over two years without seeing each other but I love him more and more every day. I feel the energy merge with my Twin Flame. Twin Flame Chaser Healing; Free your Soul.IS (2)

Physical separation has also been a blessing to me because I have had the time to face myself and heal the inner wounds within myself. I have found self-love and my authentic self. Runner Experiences

I divorced my husband right after I physically separated from my Twin Flame and I didn’t tell him about it until I had found peace and harmony within myself. I wrote to him a very long letter to explain my awakening and healing that I went through.

Silvia Moon (20)

My advice, you have free will to choose to either stay in your marriage or embark on changing your life so that you can free yourself to be with your Twin Flame. None of these choices is easy because either way, you will still experience the Spiritual aspect of the Twin Flame journey and you will go through all the phases of change within yourself because once you encounter your Twin Flame, you know right from the start that your life will change. On the Twin Flame journey, how do you know that you are going through the right experiences?

I hope that my perspective helps you with your question.

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Thanks for this question and stay Blessed!

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