How do I and my Twin Flame know if having contact is the right thing? We decided that while focusing on our growth, we would check in on each other once a month (but without expectation). I’m worried that this will stop us from truly focusing on ourselves.

The only way to find out the truth for sure is if you focus on committing to what you promised each other by focusing on your growth. Don’t worry about what might go wrong because you have no control over any of this. Managing Separation Pain: How to recover and heal your pain and Soul Shock.

I have to say that you are lucky to still be in touch with your Twin Flame while you are in separation because no so many Twin Flames get lucky to have a monthly check-in with their Twin Flames. The infamous Twin Flame Separation Phase: A blessing in disguise.

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Its been two years for me, and I wish every day to talk to my Twin Flame because the love that I have for him keeps growing within me. It feels like we never separated at all yet he is not here — sometimes I cry because the pain of missing him is just too much to bear. Does the Twin Flame Runner miss you and love you as much as you love them?

Focus on loving yourself; I know that so many people say this but it is the truth, once you find self-love, you not only find true love within yourself but you also find the authentic version of yourself. The Chaser Pain: How do you let go and have inner peace as you wait for your Twin Flame Reunion.

Also, if you believe that keeping monthly contact with your Twin Flame will get in the way of your soul growth lessons, you can talk to your Twin Flame about how you feel. You can both choose to take away the monthly talks and just connect whenever you are ready to do it. You have free will to respond to your Twin Flame situation however you feel that benefits your growth. Twin Flame Fun Facts: do you know this?

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