Are Twin Flames in love with each other genuinely?

Questions That Twin Flame Newbies Ask
Twin Flame Chaser Pain: Why do Twin Flames Run?
Signs of Meeting a Twin Flame: How do you know that you have found The One?
Notes to Self: Daily Positive Energy Vibrations

When you meet your Twin Flame you establish an immediate, intense connection with them that is invigorating and shocking at the same time. Twin Flame Chaser Healing; Free your Soul.

The bond connection that is shared between Twin Flames is inescapable, it is formidable and burns with an alchemical fire of undying love. It catches you by surprise and the love-bliss when you are around this person just consumes you. You get high on the peace and euphoria just being in their presence.

I must tell you that being a Twin Flame is not about romance or the fairytale dating, it is purely a Spiritual experience, and yes it is amazing when Twin Flame couples end up in a physical relationship. It is a beautiful Love connection undeniable to everyone.

When my Twin Flame and I met, it was purely a very strong innocent bond that grew into this Friendship that is more than a best friend. It is a mix of a brother, father, guardian, mentor, best friend and everything that a Bond is made of. I cannot fully articulate to you the quality of the bond between Twin Flames. Only each Twin couple can try and articulate the intensity of their connection and what it entails.

It is very intimidating meeting the other half of your soul. It makes you question your reality and what you knew your life as before. Once you meet your Twin Flame, you feel compelled to be around them because the familiarity is uncanny.

Twin Flames & Karmic Partners: Lessons of True Love

Every time that I look at my Twin Flame, I keep wondering how I knew him from before. All our conversations always feel like we are picking up from where we previously left off from another lifetime.

I have watched my Twin Flame look other people in the eyes but he is never as moved as he gets when he looks in my eyes. Also for me, it’s different when I look at other people in the eyes because I don’t get the cosmic feelings that I get when I look my Twin Flames in the eyes.

Apart from our souls making love to each other every time we look into each other’s eyes, we also use our eyes to communicate. Every time I look in the eyes of my Twin Flame, my hearts skips because he opens up himself to me in such a deep way that words can’t describe.

TWIN FLAME AWAKENING 11:11: A Simple Guide For Newbies

When you meet your Twin Flame, you begin to embark on a series of Spiritual lessons and soul awakening experiences that bring enlightenment into your life. Even if you were not a spiritual person before, you start awakening to the calling from your soul. The Twin Flame process, therefore, has both physical and the spiritual aspect of the connection.

The infamous Twin Flame Separation Phase: A blessing in disguise.

During the physical aspects of the Twin Flame process; the Twin Flames move the obstacles that get in the way of their connection like ending Karmic cycles and relationships. The Spiritual aspect of the Twin Flame experience asks both Twin Flames to embark on a journey of re-discovering their authentic selves to fully embody unconditional love within themselves by opening themselves up to the Spiritual aspect of the Twin Flame journey.

My Life will never be back to what it was before I met my Twin Flame because every day I am changing to become the authentic version of myself. I have had to face my inner pain within myself so that the pain can be cleaned out to heal my inner wounding.

Twin Flame Runner Awakening: Does the Twin Flame Runner ever return?

It has been over two years since I found my Twin Flame and my life first turned upside down in every aspect of it; change took over my life because my physical situations were mirroring the emotional chaos that the Twin Flame encounter had triggered.

Twin Flame Fun Facts: do you know this?

The journey to self-rediscovery has brought Self-love in my life and every new day is another opportunity for me to re-discover my Self-power.

This being said, we both live on different continents, and we physically separated after a month of merging.

I love my Twin Flame as unconditionally I did two years ago. I am living my life happily right now and I still crave to be with him every second of the day. 

Signs of Meeting a Twin Flame: How do you know that you have found The One?

All the change that happened over these two years was worth it because it is so beautiful to know how being in love feels like. I can wait a thousand more years so that I can be with him again, and if I do see them then, I will remember the soul lessons that I am learning now so that I don’t make the same mistake of letting him go then. Twin Flame Love Lessons

Once I get a second chance with my Twin Flame, I will treasure every second of it. I will take care of him and let him know that he is the most wonderful person I ever met.

Twin Flame Chaser Surrender: Learning to Let Go to Heal

Meeting his has TRANSFORMED my life for the best because I am finally in touch with my inner child. I found myself when I found true love because I feel like I have a purpose — I finally get myself. Loving my Twin Flame made me realize that I was not loving myself enough.

The love that my Twin Flame shows to me is authentic, unconditional, and beautiful. I feel like I belong finally. The Unsent Love Letters to my Twin Flame

He brought all the broken pieces within me and he put them together with unconditional love as the glue. Recover from Soul Shock

When I am around my Twin Flame, the air is fresher, food tastes the sweetest and life feels like wearing a fine cloth made out of Silk. Everything is effortless and simple.

Twin Flame Chaser Pain: Why do Twin Flames Run?

Love bursts out me and everything feels amazing. I feel myself busking in my divine famine energy as I float in feelings of bliss and euphoria.

Even if my Twin Flame is dating other people, he is free to choose to because we don’t have an official pact to be together no matter how much we love each other.

I was married when he found me, and I saw how difficult it was for him to see me with anyone else. He was temporarily dating and it was so difficult for me to watch him with other people.

We both know how we feel for each other but it all happened unexpectedly.

I have moved my life around so that I can be with him again. Its been two years and I still trust his word when he said he will make his way back when the time is right.

I am here waiting.

Twin Flame Runner Awakening: Does the Twin Flame Runner ever return?

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