Can it be possible to not experience the typical signs of a Twin Flame journey but still be on it?

The Twin Flame journey is a personal one — this means that it is experienced differently by whoever is going through it.

Your inner knowing is the only guide for you to know if you are having a true Twin Flame experience or not.


One thing that I have learned about my Twin Flame experiences over these two years, is that sometimes if you compare your situation to others, it gets very difficult to feel motivated to acknowledge different aspects of your own experiences.

More so, some people’s Twin Flame journeys look easier than others but you must respect that everyone is writing from purely personal experience.

My answer to you, you are the only person who can tell the truth of your own Twin Flame experience because whether you have the signs or not, you will experience the side effects of the Spiritual awakening the accompanies a Twin Flame experience.

I believe that every human is special and everyone deserves to discover True Love.

Please remember that the Twin Flame experience can manifest itself in different ways, and it is unique to each Twin Flame pair. Twin Flames can also be romantic and non-romantic.

I hope that my answer helps you. SILVIA MOON’S – TWIN FLAMES’ – Self-Help BooksI hope that my answer helps you.

Stay Blessed.

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