How long on average are most Twin Flames in separation? At what point would you say separation has been too long for it to be considered a Twin Flame connection?

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I would like to throw my perspective on this from personal experience, it has been over two years of physical separation from my Twin Flame but I have never felt “disconnected” at all in energy.

Ever since we physically separated, it has been another roller coaster of emotional highs and lows — it is because of the authenticity of the connection that I have with my Twin Flame, I have been able to stay committed to this Twin Flame Experience. Even when I get doubtful about my situations, the connection that I feel in my Soul to my Twin Flame brings hope to me. Questions about the Runner; Answers to the most burning questions

If you are true Twin Flames, you will realize that it is very difficult to stay away from each other no matter how challenging the obstacles are between you. On the Twin Flame journey, how do you know that you are going through the right experiences?

Therefore, you both lurk in the background of each other’s lives keep an eye out for each other.

My Twin Flame chose to block me out of his life, but he checks in with a mutual friend every few weeks to get updates about me.

If you are a Twin Flame who has managed to understand how Separation from a Twin Flame feels like, you can attest to the fact that the more distance there is between you and your Twin Flame, the more intense the attraction towards each other gets. This is why sometimes it becomes physically painful when you long for your Twin Flame. The Unsent Love Letters to my Twin Flame

Of course, there is an aspect of timing to your question — is there a particular time ending separation? I doubt it. Twin Flame Love Lessons

The Twin Flame Experience disarms you, and it also teaches you patience. Twin Flame Chaser Healing; Free your Soul.

I believe that when both Twin Flames are ready to unite, they will do anything in their power to be together again.

Healing happens differently for everyone. For some people, healing can be an overnight event and for others like us, it can take months and years. Twin Flame Fun Facts: do you know this?

You are your creator of the Union experience that you are looking for to be with your Twin Flame physically. First work on getting from within and everything else will fall in place in your physical situation. I hope that these simple books help to give you a perspective to keep doing your great work!


I hope that my perspective helps.

Stay Blessed.

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