How do I start loving myself, flaws and all?

I didn’t grow up with much love and I have been through the struggles of finding unconditional self-love.

First, begin with honoring yourself. Honor your choices and preferences in everything that you do. You will realize that you must respect yourself first to feel worthy of accepting unconditional love.


In everything that you do, pace yourself. You will realize that there will never be a perfect moment for you to slow down when you are engrossed in your thoughts.

Pacing yourself brings peace and harmony within yourself.

When you make a mistake, be patient with yourself and easily forgive yourself.

  1. Forget about what others ever said to you about yourself whether good or bad, unlearn how you have been conditioned to see yourself and let go of the stress of always trying to keep up with the expectations of others.
  2. Forgive yourself. Tell yourself that you forgive yourself for feeling imperfect for no good reason. Forgive yourself for torturing yourself with the negative self-talk. Forgive yourself for not appreciating yourself. Forgive yourself for everything that you feel stressed about.
  3. Hug your inner child. Embrace your inner wounding, emotional past pain and fear. You don’t get to choose your parents, upbringing and the aspects of your childhood. Heal the pain of feeling helpless, face the fears and insecurities that you have been suppressing in your life.
  4. MAKE CHANGE. Change who you surround yourself with, change your food, change your daily routines, learn a new skill, take a vacation, change where you live, etc.
  5. Simplify your daily routines. When you are attempting to do anything, Pace yourself and be patient with yourself when you make mistakes. Honor your choices and preferences every day.

I wrote about more of My Self-love experiences here: How-Surrender-Self-Love

Stay in Love!


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