I asked by Twin Flame to block me from all accounts, be it Facebook, LinkedIn etc as the connection was not going anywhere even after 20 years? He obliged saying, as you say. Did I do wrong?

Oh wow, I said this to My Twin Flame too and he was deeply hurt by my words.

I also couldn’t see a way forward with him and I was frustrated that the intensity of the connection was getting stronger by the day. I thought that if I didn’t interact with my Twin Flame in social media, it would ease my pain of being separated from him but it only got worse.

I also blamed myself for initiating the blocking and I grew to fear that my Twin Flame would forget about me. This fear drives me to chase him to apologize endlessly for hurting him but I never got satisfactory responses. Therefore, I chose to Surrender completely.


I also felt stuck before I asked him to block me. I felt like our relationship was not going anywhere especially at the beginning of physical separation since we both live on different continents. I was also feeling stuck in my marriage and feeling connected to my Twin Flame only made me feel worse about my situation.

I don’t think you anticipated your Twin Flame’s response when he obliged. For me, I anticipated that my Twin Flame would feel sorry for me, and beg me not to run but I was surprised when he said that it was best for everybody if we didn’t communicate.

I got scared that he was over our connection when my Twin Flame obliged to my request.

Anyways, I am now grateful to the Twin Flame Experience for the authentic person that I have become.

The run/chase phase has triggered me into a Soul cleansing process.


Ever since we physically separated my Twin Flame and me, it has been another roller coaster of emotional highs and lows — it is because of the authenticity of the connection that I have with my Twin Flame, I have been able to stay committed to this Twin Flame Experience.

Even when I get doubtful about my Twin Flame situations, the connection that I feel in my Soul to my Twin Flame brings hope to me to feel better.

If you are true Twin Flames, you will realize that it is very difficult to stay away from each other no matter how challenging the obstacles are between you.

Therefore, you both lurk in the background of each other’s lives as you “invisibly” keep an eye out for each other.


Thanks for this question.

Check out my BIO for more inspiration. I wish you the best of luck on your journey.

Stay Blessed.

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