What are some websites, information, other resources to help others on the Twin Flame journey or the different stages of the journey?

When I started searching for answers to the truth of my Twin Flame awakening at the beginning of the Twin Flame encounter, I had nowhere to turn for advice and comfort. I sounded delusional to my friends every time I brought up the topic of what was happening to me emotionally, physically and mentally to my close friends. I could not put a name to the “emotional chaos and turbulence” that I was feeling within myself.

My heart and my mind were in total conflict over what was happening within myself and I could not understand why meeting this one person changed every aspect of my life.

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I was experiencing a storm of feelings of all sorts from feelings of grief and anger, sadness, helpless, numbness and to name a few. Every single day after I met my Twin Flame came with its kind intensity to the chaotic emotions that I was feeling.

I started to research on the internet to find explanations of the signs and symptoms of the Spiritual Love that I was feeling. Meeting my Twin Flame also initiated a Spiritual awakening within myself and I was new to “Spirituality”.

Looking over the internet was exhausting and confusing for me at first because I was overwhelmed by the new information from the learnings about the Twin Flame process. Therefore, I completely understand how confusing and frustrating sometimes when you are new to the Twin Flame experience.

The process of rediscovering your authentic self during the Twin Flame awakening process asks you to shed the layers of your Ego. This means that you begin to invite change in your life so that your life situation can match your Twin Flame Shared Energy vibration.

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When you are experiencing the Twin Flame Journey during the physical separation from your Twin Flame, you still feel the Twin Flame connection alive within yourself. It never feels like you are separated at all from your Twin Flame and that is why “Twin Flame separation is an illusion”.

You can choose to deny your experience or delay it by resisting the signs and symptoms of what you are feeling but you are only accumulating more pain for the “future” you because the Twin Flame process is alchemical once it is initiated by your encounter and it will transform you to become the most authentic version of yourself soon or later.

Once initiated, the personal transformation is bound to happen to you soon or later whether you choose to ignore it by running from your feelings within yourself.


I hope you find the answers that you need.

Stay Blessed.

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