Does it feel that it’s harder to reach out to your Twin Flame while in separation?

For me, its the thought of how he “ghosted” me — I don’t want to go back to that kind of situation and it makes it hard for me to initiate contact.

I could do it and it might turn out that my Twin Flame is more receptive and accepting to our connection but I don’t feel like taking the risk of being stonewalled again. What are the Blessings of the Physical Separation Phase?

It is true that once you surrender to the Twin Flame connection, you realize that the journey of being a Twin Flame is a blissful process but what brings so much pain is the Ego from both Twin Flames.

Soul Healing Tips

The Twin Flame separation is indeed a Blessing in disguise and an illusion because you never feel separated from a Twin Flame no matter how exotic your disconnection tactics are.

Positive Affirmations

There is nothing as frustrating as the push and pull, or the chasing and running: What ia the Twin Flame Chaser Pain and how do you overcome it?

I have to tell you that I am over the chasing but I also can’t wait for my Twin Flame to initiate contact — I know it in my soul that there is always time for everything and divine timing is always at play.

It is true that once you merge in energy with your Twin Flame, you feel their feelings and emotions sometimes.

It is very difficult reaching out to your Twin Flame for sure if you are still conflicted about the situation.

There is no end or beginning to the Twin Flame connection, everything that happens is for a reason and it is okay to feel frustrated and disappointed when times are difficult.

And, if you successfully manage to date someone new and even marries them, you always think of your Twin Flame and you wonder what life would be like if you had chosen them instead of your Karmic partner.

I wish you the best of luck on this journey – Blessings to you!

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