What are the main elements that differentiate a Twin Flame relationship from a regular romantic relationship?

If you have been in a serious romantic relationship before, you will realize the difference right away when you meet your Twin Flame. What are the unmistakable signs of meeting a Twin Flame?

The most basic example from my perspective that I can give to you is that there are no expectations in a Twin Flame relationship – you open yourself up to this person without having any conditions. This is very overwhelming because you are left vulnerable and “naked” in your Soul to this person. You always feel like there is nowhere to hide from your Twin Flame and instead you let your guard down – You feel so free with this person because you feel like they are you and you are them.

The intense love feelings that Twin Flames have for each other forces them to temporarily run from the connection; Here is the experience of a Runner Twin Flame.

I have been in a serious relationship which led to marriage before I met my Twin Flame. I was very happy with my previous life and I had never expected to divorce or be with anyone else. I knew that I had made it in life – I had my plans all lined up in my marriage.

Once I met my Twin Flame, it felt different. I was not in any rush to leave my marriage to be with my Twin Flame because I was so emotionally tormented by the chaotic feelings that I grew once I encountered my Twin Flame. Here are some ways I had to deal with my marital situation so that I could reunite with my Twin Flame.

Twin Flame Obstacles

The essence of the Twin Flame journey is for you to discover that you are One with your Twin Flame and therefore, you must treat yourself the way your Twin Flame partner loves you; give unconditional love to yourself, appreciate you how special you make you your Twin Flame feel and feel grateful because you know what unconditional love feels like.

Twin Flame Reunion Tips

It felt stronger than the “love” that I felt in my previous relationships. Twin Flame love is not just pure bliss, meeting this person shakes your world up. It is also strange how it is unexpected and unplanned. Are you new to the Twin Flame journey? Here is a Simple Guide for you.

I did not expect the bond to grow stronger especially in the physical separation of two years, I feel connected to my Twin Flame in my Soul. No matter what I do – and no matter who I date, I can’t control the heavy pull towards my Twin Flame.

In my previous relationships, it was easier to walk away after a break up – I tried to break up with my Twin Flame and it didn’t work. I keep feeling compelled to think of him every day. I love my Twin Flame more deeply even though I haven’t seen him in two years. When the Twin Flame runner denies the connection, is it over?

The Runner

I always feel helpless when my Twin Flame’s love energy is intense because I cannot control the intensity and on some days like yesterday, his energy lingers on with me throughout the day.

Separation Phase: Did you know this?

I can tell you that the most basic difference between romantic relationships and Twin Flame love is that you cant Forget a Twin Flame once you acknowledge the special connection. It takes over your life whether you are looking for a physical relationship with your Twin Flame or not. Self-love tips for beginners

Lastly, when you meet your Twin Flame – You are compelled to find a meaningful change in your life because your Twin Flame inspires you to question everything about yourself. You realize that you have been unaware of yourself and therefore you start to find the meaning of your life. This also happens whether you are together with your Twin Flame or not.

You can run, you can hide but you can’t escape Twin Flame love.

Twin Flame Fun Facts

The are Blessings and Unconditional love waiting for you to on your journey, keep doing the good work!

Stay Blessed!

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