Why is it taking me months to manifest a Twin Flame union, when I am really believing I am in a union already?

If I may get real with you here. I have experienced what you feel right now and I learned a different perspective.

I was indeed frustrated that a physical union with my Twin Flame was not manifesting yet I felt like I was in a union with myself. It is okay for you to feel like this because you always want to be united with your beloved. What do you need to know about the infamous Twin Flame Separation Phase?

I have to ask you to stop expecting a physical union with your Twin Flame, and instead prepare yourself for the imminent meeting – This means that you choose to have faith in your healing instead of focusing what is to happen.

Expectations of any kind will wear you down.

I didn’t expect to be in my Twin Flame’s hometown – everything happened so fast. I have been craving to have a physical union for the past two years, and now that I am here, I don’t feel like contacting him to let him know that I am here.

I am experiencing feelings of “running” yet I thought that I had healed myself. It is a frustrating feeling like this. Here is how to know if your Twin Flame Runner misses you during the separation phase.

Now that I am here, I understand the meaning of the free will. I feel free to not contact him at all and I might end up not doing it but two months ago, I have been feeling the union from within.

Self-love Tips

I have learned that your Twin Flame experience can bring you bliss, happiness, and inner harmony if you quickly learn to embrace the different aspects of your journey with an open heart.

The Twin Flame Journey Guide

I now understand that everything happens at the right time. I believe that divine timing is what drives the Twin Flame relationship not my expectations and I now understand that a Twin Flame Chaser can also be a runner.

All this time when I judged my Twin Flame for running, I had no idea that the dynamic could change and I would be the runner. How do you stop chasing your Twin Flame so that you can focus on healing yourself? Here are some tips for you!

I know deep in my soul that I will never find true love again because Twin Flame love beats all kinds of love. I also know that if things don’t work out in the physical reality with my Twin Flame, I will still love him the way I love him every day – it has been two years of no contact.


No matter how much you try to keep your old habits, routines and also stay around your old friends and keep your old relationships, the change that happens in your life is alchemical and starts from within — once you feel the inner transformation, it manifests in your physical life situation.

How to Embrace Changes

You have to understand that you will eventually have the opportunity to be with your Twin Flame again but you must be ready within yourself to take on the next steps.

Union will eventually happen and it will not be your doing – Everything happens at the right time.

I hope that my perspective helps you – I am sharing with you from personal experiences.


If you try to deny the intense love that you feel for your Twin Flame, you are constantly bombarded by things that remind you of them like signs, smells, sounds, and you run into people who remind you of your divine lover.

Love Lessons

The Twin Flame separation is indeed a Blessing in disguise and an illusion because you never feel separated from a Twin Flame no matter how exotic your disconnection tactics are.

Thank you for this question.

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