Are all Twin Flame relationships really turbulent? Me and my Twin Flame both had gentle and understanding temperaments.

Apart from the stress of physical separation from my Twin Flame, and the estranged communication issues because of issues with long-distance, I have a very gentle connection too with my Twin Flame.

I was thinking of how we both encourage each other, and we are always keeping each other’s energetic vibration higher.

We completely align energetically when I am with my Twin Flame. Our conversations flow and we tell each other the truth no matter how difficult the situation is.

We also empower each other to be better individuals and we bring peace to each other. This is the main reason why we love spending time together.

We both respect each other’s boundaries and we love working together as a Team. We keep thanking each other for having each other’s back.

My Twin Flame calms my Soul. I feel free and string go be my authentic self when I am with him.

My Twin Flame makes me feel amazing!

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Thanks for your question. Stay Blessed.

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