In the Twin Flame journey, are chasers unable to let go of someone who has ghosted them because they have low self worth? Does this logic only apply to the 3D relationships model?

There is a saying that goes; “Spectators are the best footballers.” It is so much easier for someone else watching your relationship to judge you and label it whatever they see from their perspective. The infamous Twin Flame Separation Phase: A blessing in disguise.

For me when I was going through the chasing phase almost s year ago, it was the pull from my Twin Flame that I felt as he was running away. I could feel the deep bond that I share with him pull me into constantly thinking of him, and I instantly wanted to talk to him at that moment. Does the Twin Flame Runner miss you and love you as much as you love them?

What was so difficult about the separation phase of my Journey was not I was learning to love. Meeting my Twin Flame was a crash course to love but I didn’t get enough time to be with my Twin Flame. Everything happened unexpectedly, intensely, amazingly and he disappeared. Are you asking about any of these questions about your Twin Flame?

Remember that Twin Flames know how Sacred their love is when they look into each other’s eyes. You know the truth of meeting your Twin Flame by the energetic vibration that you share when you get closer to each other. How do you move the obstacles on your Twin Flame journey to reunite?

Your Twin Flame can only betray you when they don’t see you – it’s always in the eyes.

The Twin Flame Separation teaches Twin Flames to look deeper within yourself to embrace your inner child because that is the authentic you that your Twin Flame brings out of you. On the Twin Flame journey, how do you know that you are going through the right experiences?

Embracing your inner child is such a challenging task to do because of the layers of insecurities about yourself that you have to dig through to find your Core.

Just because the physical situation presents itself in that way, it indeed looks like the chasing Twin Flame has low self-worth. Even if this was to be true, both Twin Flames reflect each other’s desires and fears. Twin Flame Fun Facts: do you know this?

The first insecurity that I felt when I attempted to run from my Twin Flame for the first time was fear of getting what I Desire the most. I felt like my Twin Flame was too good to be true. He presented himself when I was going through some of the toughest moments of my life. Twin Flame Chaser Healing; Free your Soul.

How to Manage the Pain of Twin Flame Physical Separation

I didn’t feel like I deserved to have someone that amazing when I didn’t feel so good about myself then. I told him that I want him but I hoped that he didn’t want me back. I tongue twisted myself and ended up sabotaging our communication. Remember that I was going through a divorce.

Once he stopped talking to me, I grew to fear that my Twin Flame will disappear forever so I started to chase him.

How to Manage the Pain of Twin Flame Physical Separation

I didn’t know about Twin Flames then but I felt tethered to my Twin Flame every waking day.

One day, I was hit by a sudden wave of emotional pain in my heart and I broke down and cried for about an hour. Thank God I was driving somewhere in the woods so I wailed like a baby. How do you move the obstacles on your Twin Flame journey to reunite?

Both Twin Flames Experience series of purging pain, and facing their insecurities in parallel to each other. Remember that you share the same core energy vibration.

When you judge your Twin Flame, you judge yourself.

Thank you so much for this question. I hope that my perspective helps you.


Stay Blessed.

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