What does the soul merge between Twin Flames feel like? How do you know if it has taken place?

For me, it happened the time I locked eyes with him for the first time. My Soul woke up – it’s like the universe was exploding in my heart. My heart moved when acknowledged the moment with a smile. From there on, we both understood that we complete each other in every way possible. Managing Separation Pain: How to recover and heal your pain and Soul Shock.

When you are experiencing being around your Twin Flame for the first time, you go through a very quick process of change. At that moment, you feel your authentic self. The infamous Twin Flame Separation Phase: A blessing in disguise.

When Soul merges happens with a Twin Flame, you know it because you feel complete from within – your Twin Flame empowers you to feel complete. Does the Twin Flame Runner miss you and love you as much as you love them?

I started to have mental conversations with my Twin Flame when we were across from each other. We are always wowed by how sometimes we think the same thoughts at the same time. When we play mind games, it is easier to guess each other’s thoughts. How do you move the obstacles on your Twin Flame journey to reunite?

For a non-Spiritual person like me, I do believe that you can’t miss a Soul merge when it happens with your Twin Flame. I hope that my perspective helps you with your question. On the Twin Flame journey, how do you know that you are going through the right experiences?

It is easier for me to accept different aspects of telepathic communication with my Twin Flame because I experienced in person with him before we physically separated. The heart pulls, and fast heartbeats were usually an indication that we were thinking of each other at the same time. Are you asking about any of these questions about your Twin Flame?

Even after two years of physical Separation, I feel tethered to my Twin Flame in the Soul. I feel things usually that don’t originate from within myself.

Stay Blessed!

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