If the twin flame journey and the false twin flame journey are identical, how do I find out what I’m experiencing so I can limit my pain of wanting if this person is not really my twin?

I was thinking about the first day we met earlier – I went into my quiet corner of the house with my cup off coffee and I let my Soul take over my thoughts.

It has been two years since we separated and for sure I have become complete – I feel balanced within my Twin Flame energy.

If you are going through a true Twin Flame Experience, you will realize that the change that is happening in your life is accelerated, and you have no control over the new transformations in your life after you meet your Twin Flame.

For me, all these Soul lessons have brought me to an understanding that it all comes back to the Bubble Love phase, the initial encounter, the surprises, the fresh energy.

When I first met my Twin Flame, I had no idea about what Spiritual Awakening means or what Twin Flames are. Everything was very surprising to me – I felt connected with my inner child. I felt awake to myself and I was bursting with life.

After going through this Twin Flame experiences and then healing myself, I have learned that it all comes back full circle.

My energy feels in alignment with how I felt when I first met my Twin Flame. I feel loved unconditionally by him yet we are separated by continents without seeing each other for two years.

I have been able to stay loyal and committed to my Soul lessons because I trust the bond that I feel connected to my Twin Flame.

Lately, life is good – I have found inner freedom no matter what is happening to me. I have found a better perspective at life that brings meaning to me. I feel complete.

I keep remembering his eyes. I miss seeing his Soul.

After all this healing, my soul wants to feel the physical closeness to my Twin Flame. Therefore, I keep remembering our hugs. I sometimes imagine holding each other and the fantasies of being close to each other.

It is only a true Twin Flame who would understand this; I still feel connected to my Twin Flame even if it has been two years of physical separation since we live on different continents. Amongst other reasons, we haven’t been able to talk to each other.

But no matter the distance and difference in time, I have been channeling his feelings sometimes. I have also been going through a Soul merge that I feel intertwined with my Twin Flame in the Soul.

You can’t miss the signs of meeting a true Twin Flame.

I hope that my perspective helps you with your question.

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Stay Blessed!

Stay Blessed.


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