If you and your twin flame were to meet again after separation, what would you say or do?

I think about this all the time. My thoughts and feelings on how to confront this always change depending on which phase of the Twin Flame journey I am at.

Now that I feel healed from within, I am accepting the fact I will always love my Twin Flame whether it works out for us or not.

I just want to talk to him, and figure out how he wants to go on with life. I believe that physical Union has to be mutual – my Twin Flame has free will to go on with his life without me. Thinking about this sickens me.

I just want an opportunity to have closure with him. I want to know how he feels about this whole connection that we share.

I love him and I can’t seem to place this love anywhere else.

It’s been such a difficult time living life without my Twin Flame after we found each other and then separated. I would do anything to talk to my Twin Flame face to face.

When we are together, we rarely say much – we use our eyes to communicate and the body language is very intimate. We are always trying to be closer to each other.

I want peace with my Twin Flame, I just want all this frustration of missing him to be over.

I feel terrible for initiating the separation, I hate how we just drifted apart from each other without confronting what we are to each other.

Somehow the universe teased me with my Twin Flame and then poof! He disappeared in thin air leaving me in a catalytic Soul Awakening transformation.

I am ready and free to have a second chance with him and I am hoping that this time when we see each other is the last time we go through a separation.

My life has completely changed and so have I. I hope that I keep feeling this bliss forever.

Thanks for asking this. I hope that my answer is helpful to you.

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Stay Blessed!

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Stay Blessed.


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