Is it common with your twin flame that even in separation and the runner and chaser dynamic your twin will always do things and be there for you no matter what when you truly need them? Like your protector?

When I saw this question, my heart melted. I can testify that it is true that my Twin Flame has been a guardian angel for me throughout this journey by channeling his help through our mutual friend.

Twin Flames are always lurking in the background of each other’s lives.

The most integral part of the change that has occurred in my life is that I managed to transition my work into something that I am passionate about.

When I found my Twin Flame, I was struggling – I had no idea how to change from where I was to where I wanted to be.

My Twin Flame carefully studied my situation and he started giving me pointers and advice. One thing he said to me that makes sense now is that he said that I shouldn’t be afraid to lose it all, and let it go about my work. He also told me a story of how he went through such a situation years ago before our meeting.

Two years ago when we separated, I never dreamed of changing my work – and my Twin Flame has been advising our mutual friend to help me with the new Change that I needed.

My Twin Flame has been talking to me through our mutual friend who is now my ex-husband. (My ex-husband and I, we are better as friends, than as lovers). Though my ex-husband doesn’t know that my Twin Flame is the One, he keeps mentioning to me that I have a special connection with his friend.

I followed the advice that my Twin Flame suggested and happiness came over me. At last, I found freedom once I managed to change my work.

There is always a scenario where my Twin Flame’s guidance and advice have been so helpful to me.

I also send him notes of encouragement whenever I get a chance to communicate. I am always thankful to him.

When you are honest with your Twin Flame, you realize that you are helpful to them without realizing it.

Thanks for this question, I hope that my perspective is helpful to you.

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Stay Blessed!

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Stay Blessed!


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