When your twin flame runner is in denial, does he still think of you?

For true Twin Flames, thinking of each other doesn’t stop. It always feels like you live inside each other’s minds.

There are so many reasons why the Runner denies the connection but usually, it is because of fear.

When I ran from him the first time, I was angry at myself for various reasons but I was so frustrated by the fact that I was married to his friend.

When I attempted to run from him, I said that I have feelings for him in many words but I didn’t want him to want me as much as I want him. Now that I look back, that was such a lame excuse.

I never stopped thinking of him. I was in so much denial at first about how I felt for him – I love him so much that it frustrates me.

We met at the awkwardest moment of my life. I was feeling hopeless, and life didn’t make didn’t have much meaning. Then suddenly my Twin Flame walked into my life as if he already belonged there.

It’s been a journey of learning and personal transformation. I have been awakened – I am now my authentic self. I am happy with the simple life that I now have.

I met my friend the other day and she has been going through the chase and run phase with her Twin Flame for two decades. She told me that she found a soul mate and she is moving on from her Twin Flame but she is in total denial. I could tell that she wishes it was her Twin Flame she is moving in with.

Sometimes this Twin Flame Love feels like a curse.

It is very overwhelming confronting the truth of this Twin Flame relationship. There is no part of it that you can control and the process of it keeps working within you.

After two years of struggling with this intense invigorating experience, I want to move on from my Twin Flame too but it is so difficult because whenever I try to, my heart feels more strongly attached to him. My dreams get intense and I feel the connection as if my Twin Flame’s energy is pulling at me.

I have failed to see past my Twin Flame. I keep looking for him in everyone that I meet.

Sometimes I discourage myself – I start a train of negative thoughts that block out the progress of the Twin Flame journey. This doesn’t last long because the connection still exists either way.

Life is much easier when I accept my fate that life is constantly changing for me after I met my Twin Flame. Change is such a difficult step to take but it gets easier as you get used to the flow of the Twin Flame Process.

If you find an easier way to deal with this Twin Flame Journey, keep me posted.

Thank you for your question. I hope that my answer is helpful to you!

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Stay Blessed!

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Stay Blessed.


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