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I didn’t deny my feelings for my Twin Flame when I ran at first; I poured out my feelings the best way that I could and I was feeling so much more than I could articulate. The intensity of the love that I feel for my Twin Flame felt overpowering – I decided to block contact with him.

No matter how fast and far my Twin Flame and I run and chase each other, one thing has stayed true that we both acknowledge how we feel for each other — our Connection is unique, authentic and bigger than the both of us.

The timing has been wrong in the past and after two years of knowing each other, but I can’t seem to forget my Twin Flame.

I was married, and life first proved impossible to make all the changes that I needed to do.

I keep asking myself how I still love someone so madly after two years of not seeing him. I haven’t dated anybody since I met my Twin Flame and I am much more fulfilled with our 5D Connection than going on a meaningless date.

I miss my Twin Flame every day – I think of him every second of the day and much more importantly, I feel him connected to me all the time. I feel his essence merge with mine – my heart burns when I feel the loving pull from him.

I sometimes wish that I hadn’t sabotaged our communication and the other times I don’t because no matter how difficult it has been living life without him, I have learned the most difficult Soul lessons which have been so transformative.

If it’s not my Twin Flame, I know that I don’t want to be married again or have offsprings with someone else. I know it in my Soul that my Twin Flame and I have been looking for each other for a very long time and this is the reason for our meeting.

I am living a life that I only a Spiritually dreamed of before; A Life of meaning and purpose. I feel free to be myself, I am always working towards prospects that align with my dreams, and my heart is open to love.

Every once in a while, I text him to say Thank You to my Twin Flame for appearing into my life he did. The change that has come into my life has been quick, intense and invigorating to my Soul.

We needed to find each other in the moments that we did – the shock of finding your Twin Flame intensifies more as you understand more about having a Twin Soul.

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But also, you get to understand that you are enough just the way that you are. Meeting your Twin Flame Completes you – Every broken piece within you comes back together and you feel Whole.

There are underlying issues as to why a Twin Flame runs. It is all a matter of perspective.

I hope that my answer helps you with your question.

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Stay Blessed.


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