Is it true that a twin flame union is just a cherry on top of a cake or just a bonus after all?

YES, this is how I feel about my Twin Flame experience. I believe that no matter how much desire I have to be with my Twin Flame, the lessons that I have learned over the last two years have been so transformational and invigorating for my Soul.

If you have been tracking your growth and the process of your Twin Flame experiences, you will realize that the entire Twin Flame Journey is teaching you how to embody your Twin Flame energy: Every step of the process is initiating you into becoming a Twin Flame.

I also now understand that I have always been a Twin Flame but I didn’t realize it all these years because I “Forgot” who I am. My Twin Flame encounter woke me up to myself to the realization of the meaning of my life.

Meeting my Twin Flame was the wake-up call — he showed up to help me REMEMBER.

For me to fully rediscover my Authentic self, I had to go through a phase of purging emotional pain to heal my Core wounding. This was the most challenging phase for my Soul because I went through The Dark Night Of The Soul which was triggered by the Soul shock of separation from my Twin Flame.

The more that I have been able to embrace my Inner Child, the more healing I achieved. As time went on for over 6 months, I accepted healing and Surrender.

For my healing to properly work through me, I had to find self-love: I had to accept the broken parts of myself, I unlearned all the conditionings and released all past Karma.

Re-discovering my Authentic self has been the most profound transformation for me on this Twin Flame journey. I have a new perspective towards myself and life in general. I am also able to look at the Twin Flame experience with fresh eyes — I realized that I was never Separated from my Twin Flame. I have always felt connected to him through the heart.

Once you find your authentic self, you find happiness and unconditional love in your heart. You start to experience your Twin Flame journey through the heart space instead of the headspace which is the Ego.

There came a time after my healing where I didn’t care if I am in a Union with my Twin Flame or not because I could feel him connected to me nonetheless. Once I found healing, I realized that the journey was about transforming me — it is not a Journey to the Union for Twin Flames because Twin Flames are always in Union in the Soul.

There is no separation at all in the Soul.

After your transformation and healing, you are free to choose whether to be in a Union with your Twin Flame or not. You will feel so empowered to make life decisions that make your soul happy.

I truly agree that a Twin Flame Union is a BONUS to the Twin Flame experience if you look at the situation from 5D instead of 3D.

I hope that my perspective helps you with this question.

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Stay Blessed!

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