What are some signs your Twin Flame is thinking of you and misses you?

Runner Perspective

What does the Twin Flame runner feel when they deny the love connection that they feel?

Once we were physically separated, I blocked him out of my life because I wanted some space to understand the awakening that I was going through.

The Runner Perspective

Funny that you ask this because I just felt a strong emotional sensation from him and I was wondering to myself how I would describe the sensations and feelings without sounding crazy to someone else who has never encountered a Twin Flame.

The heart pull, the warm sensations and the euphoria that washes over me when I feel him are inescapable. Sometimes I stop whatever that I am doing at the moment and I let the sensations take over me. I let myself absorb those euphoric feelings when they arrive.

Usually, when I used to resist the wave of emotions that my Twin Flame sends over to me, I could feel so conflicted from within about my Twin Flame situation. I would feel doubtful and insecure about how I feel about my Twin Flame.

Also, lately when I try to resist the euphoric feelings from my Twin Flame, I feel dis aligned to everything in my life. Sometimes I feel angry, lost and helpless if I don’t acknowledge any phase of my Twin Flame Process.

Now that I have managed to heal myself, I can easily tell when my Twin Flame is thinking of me.

The other day, I deliberately sent love and warm feelings to my Twin Flame in my heart. I immediately felt a response back with heaviness in my heart that I got chocked by my emotions.

I realized that it was a default response from him when he feels my love.

When I was new to this experience, I could feel heart flutters. My heart would race up so fast every time I channeled my Twin Flame’s love. I could sometimes get sick from the intense emotions which would only be eased if I threw up.

Lately that I feel healed, I have a euphoric presence of my Twin Flame’s essence. I feel that both our hearts are directed connected to the Source.

My heart keeps radiating love towards my Twin Flame effortless and I know for sure that all the pain and frustration are over. All that is left is only Love.

I am in love with my Twin Flame as if it’s the first time we met. I am so happy to feel this bliss, happiness, and balance within me.

The Twin Flame Connection is real.

Silvia Moon

I wish you blessings, abundance and success on your Twin Flame journey!

Stay Blessed!

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