When I miss my Twin Flame painfully does it mean he feels the same way as I do? Does he pick up my feelings or do I feel his emotions?

For me, I will only speak from my experiences. I have had moments when I miss my Twin Flame so much and I can feel feedback in form of a heart pull and sometimes my heart area gets warm and fuzzy.

This usually happens after I send feelings of either love or when my heart misses him.

I have different perspectives on how to look at your question.

From perspective one; this is when I was new to this Twin Flame experiences, I could confuse his feelings with mine. During the Dark Night of the Soul, I indeed felt his pain coupled with mine – I feel like this was needed to speed up the emotional purging process.

What initiated the emotional purging process was when I intensely felt his pain that it put me to my knees. I felt weak and helpless – I burst into tears because the pain was too much. I felt like his energy was holding onto my heart.

One time a year ago, I woke up in the night and I could feel his energetic pull – his energy was tugging at my heart. I still burst into tears and I could feel his energy. Once I met into meditation, I relaxed, and I started to send love back to him. Soon after that, he texted to check in on me.

Lately, I have found healing and harmony within myself and a few days ago, I decided to only send to him good thoughts and warm feelings.

As I practiced sending love to him, I felt a response in my heart – suddenly my heart felt heavy as if he received my feelings and it made him miss me or sad. I felt the heaviness of the feelings that I received back.

When I was running from him, I thought that it would ease the intensity of the feelings that I have for him but it only made it more intensified.

I have no fear or pain to hide behind after healing. All I know that is left for us is to confront the situation – figure out how to live life as we acknowledge who we are to each other.

I have been feeling his bliss as well, and I am very sure that he feels as ready as I do.

Our shared energy right now feels free, authentic, clean, light, beautiful and effortless.

Unlike before especially during the run/chase phase, our shared energy felt clogged and heavy. It was as if we were both resisting how we feel and right now it feels as if both our hearts are radiating love towards each other.

You will indeed know when you are both ready to see each other.

I do not doubt that I am seeing him soon – it is an imminent feeling and it feels so hopeful and beautiful.

I hope that my perspective helps you with your question. I wish you blessings and love.

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Stay Blessed.


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