When you first met your twin flame, did you have this weird feeling of “I’ve finally found the person I’ve been looking for”?

There are moments when I desperately want to move on from the connection because I have no control of any aspect of it and I miss my Twin Flame every second – my Soul aches in his absence and I am not sure about the future brings. Thinking of this frustrates me.

Previously before I met my Twin Flame, I had my list of qualities that I want in a person before I date them because I think of both the now and the future when I date someone.

So unexpectedly, my Twin Flame walked into my life and I didn’t think of his physical attributes – he is also not my type if you are to refer to my list of physical qualities in my previous life.

The first day I met him, I didn’t think of him as a romantic partner. I didn’t think of ever having this connection with him because I knew that he had a girlfriend, I wasn’t his type and he lived on another continent. We both didn’t have any expectations of the other. All I wanted was to get him out of my hair as soon as possible.

We both had known each other for 5 years, we both missed seeing each other from before — my Twin Flame wanted to meet me when I was still married to his friend but I “rain checked” the offer. I remember that he moved around his vacation days for us to be introduced but it never seemed to work out. This is two years before we met.

We both knew of each other, my ex told so many stories about my Twin Flame in passing but I never knew that he would be the most important person in my life.

A week before we met in the physical, I had a phone conversation with my now Twin Flame for over an hour, and I didn’t think that I would stand him for long – I found him snobby.

When we met the first time, it felt like I knew him from somewhere before, and I could not shake how he completes me. It felt like I had met my mother, father, best friend, sibling, all in one person. Our energies complement each other – we think, say and phrase our thoughts in the same manner.

From the get-go, we trusted each other why everything. No matter who is around us, we are authentically honest with each other. We both want to help each other get better because we completely understand how we make each other feel.

When you meet The One, you are Compelled to absorb them. Your Soul opens up to them without thinking of it and your heart yearns to protect them.

It is amazing how my Twin Flame remembers everything that means something to me. He genuinely wants to keep me happy in every way that he can because it hurts him if I am feeling hurt in any way both physically and emotionally.

Sometimes I want to delude myself that what I feel is not real. It is too good to be true — but I can’t change the feeling of love either way.

Sometimes I lie to myself that my Twin Flame doesn’t feel the same way — I could be obsessed but I remember his gentleness towards me, his honesty and the way he looks in my eyes when he is looking at me.

When you meet The One, it is ridiculously heartwarming. My heart swells when I hear his name or when a story about him comes up.

It is very challenging to try to hide feelings for someone you love.

For me, I knew that my Twin is The One because of the Oneness. I know that we both share parts of each other and once we are together, we see it and acknowledge it.

We share everything equally, and sometimes we end up sharing food on the same plate. We drink from the same beer bottle without planning it and we share everything we eat.

This is such a double-edged sword because we indulge each other in weird habits but we also learn from each other how to get out of bad habits as well.

Why it is so difficult to move on from my Twin Flame is because I know that he is The One. There is no one else.

We were not intimate when we met but I have been celibate for two years because I know that I met The One. If it’s not him then what’s the Point?

I immediately lost interest in meaningless relationships once I met The One.

The love that I feel for my Twin Flame is eternal because I feel it. I know that it goes beyond what the body yarns.

I don’t know about you but my Soul feels tired in the 3D – meeting my Twin Flame opened a Spiritual pathway into something much more fulfilling than the earthly pleasures.

Even if my Twin Flame is with someone else, I still feel connected to them in the Spirit. It is a beautiful feeling connected to the Soul because it is rich and Soul healing.

Some people call it Telepathic Connection and others say dreams but there is a Spiritual Connection with my Twin Flame that I don’t have with anybody else. I also experienced it while we were physically together.

I love my Twin Flame – our love is bigger than the both of us and it was meant to happen.

I believe that my Twin Flame and I were created to show others what Love looks like.

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Stay Blessed.


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