Why is it so difficult to move forward from a Twin Flame separation? Why does it feel as if an energy is invisibly tugging at me continuously?

That energy is a sign that you are not yet ready to move on because if you confront all your pain and fears, you will finally feel free to make choices and decisions in your life without the influence of your Twin Flame Connection.

I also felt this way at some point in my Journey when I had first physically separated from my Twin Flame.

Feeling healed within yourself is the most liberating feeling ever! You will still feel in love with your Twin Flame but you will be in control of your thoughts, emotions, and feelings.

When I was going through the pain of physical separation, nothing seemed to work; I was having a difficult time at work – my business was going under, I got into an accident, my house got burglarized, and I was going through a divorce.

My Twin Flame walked into my life and he triggered this revolution that I could not stop.

Apart from my physical situation going worse, I was also going through a Spiritual awakening. I started to transform spiritually – I learned a new language, started reading spiritual self-help books, and I learned better ways to take care of my body.

Two major important lessons that I have learned as a Twin Flame:

No matter how difficult the situation gets for you during your Twin Flame journey, you will have to go through the Changes in your life and change times time, patience, acceptance, and submission.

If you resist working with the new change that your Soul is craving, you will experience a lot of pain and suffering.

The most important second lesson is that no matter how far Separation takes you from your Twin Flame, it doesn’t Change how deep and pure your connection is. No matter who gets in the way of your connection, you can still feel your Twin Flame in your heart.

After I learned these important lessons, I changed my perspective and it changed how I felt after that.

To have better days in this Twin Flame Process, focus on balancing your Inner self – Inner World with your physical life situation.

Try to align your spiritual Awakening situation with the Change that is happening in your life.

You will also learn that your Twin Flame journey is teaching you to embody the new shared energy with your Twin Flame – I call it the Twin Flame energy of Oneness.

When you are with your Twin Flame, you feel at peace and complete because of your shared energy merges, and once you separated, it feels as if you are hollow.

If you think about it, you and your Twin Flame could both be feeling emotionally hollow without the other because you both don’t know how to balance the shared energy when you are away from each other.

The best way to align your shared energy in the Connection is by aligning it within yourself. Once you do this, it automatically affects the energetic alignment in your Twin Flame.

Whether you are in energetic harmony or not, your connection still exists. Even when you are going through an emotionally chaotic situation, you still feel connected to your Twin Flame in consciousness and spirit.

This is why you can feel that discomfort in your heart when you tried to get over the separation.

You will move on from your Twin Flame if you wish to buy the work that must be done first. You must face yourself; all your deepest fears will come to the surface and you will work oh healing your core wounds.

Until you choose to face yourself, being in physical separation from your Twin Flame is total Limbo.

I hope that my perspective helps you with your question.

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Stay Blessed.


I wish you blessings and love.

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