What if my twin flame denies their feelings for me?

Once Soul recognition is initiated, there is no forgetting a Twin Flame.

The most difficult experience I have ever been through was that time I said goodbye to my Twin Flame at the airport.

The days that followed after our separation, I tried so much to contain my feelings for him. Remember I was still married to his friend. I wanted to be alone to fantasize about my Twin Flame but life was still happening in the physical. I had employees to pay, my business needed me and I had to find solutions to my marriage.

I was so frustrated feeling this love that I have for my Twin Flame that I asked him to leave me alone. At the moment when that happened, I was feeling a lot of chaotic emotions that he had triggered within me.

The truth is that even when I blocked my Twin Flame out of my life, I had this genuine knowing from my Soul that there will never be anyone else like him — this gave me more confidence to stay away from him.

When you meet your Twin Flame, you just know in your Soul today “You have arrived”. I had this feeling of “I have made it!”

Love is the strongest force in the universe, I now understand what this term means.

Without seeing each other for two years, I have gone through spectacular change learning to embody unconditional love within myself.

I now realize that shutting my Twin Flame wasn’t the answer but we both needed this pain to remind us of who we are to each other.

The separation has also reaffirmed to me that I can still channel some of my Twin Flame’s emotions and feelings. Sometimes I could get moody for no reason or a wave of euphoric feelings could wash over me as if he is in my presence.

The dreams I have changed when I met my Twin Flame and it is still strange to me how I am comforted by our Spiritual gifts; telepathy and the mind chatter.

I think of my Twin Flame every second of the day, I feel him within me and I hear his whispers sometimes. I wonder if I’m going bonkers sometimes.

No matter where my Twin Flame is and who he is with, I feel tethered to him. I feel the Source of our energy pulling us back together.

I contacted him three weeks ago, I told him that I love him in very simple words and he freaked out. I don’t fear that he doesn’t love me though.

I am exhausted from feeling this space in my Soul without him. My life is good, I am happy and free but I miss part of myself. I feel empty.

I told him that how I feel for him overwhelms me that is why I didn’t want to talk to him again.

Throughout this separation phase, I have been updating him about my healing and the pain that I have endured. I also told him about that new me that I rediscovered after I found self-love.

I thanked him for helping me to rediscover my authentic self.

In my 6 page letter, I explicitly told my Twin Flame about the Spiritual Awakening phase that I went through after we separated. I reminded him of how we can tell what the other is thinking and I appreciated him for being his genuine self.

After writing this letter to him, my healing accelerated.

No matter how difficult separation has been between us, We didn’t deny our love for each other. We just thought it was best for the situation if we didn’t talk as we are separated because we live on different continents.

I hope my perspective helps you with your question.

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Stay Blessed!

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Stay Blessed.BIO – SILVIA MOON

Stay Blessed!

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