How many of you wish that you can continue the journey without feeling so much? I know I can’t stop the twin flame journey & I don’t want to but does anyone else wishes they had emotional freedom?

Yes, I found emotional freedom finally! I feel free to feel, think and I have the emotional freedom to separate my own feelings from my Twin Flame’s.

I won’t be much fun if you didn’t feel the emotional chaos because one of the lessons that I have learned is to feel balanced within myself.

Also I understand how frustrating it gets during the Twin Flame journey but the emotional chaos can be an indicator for the following purposes.

Twin Flame Chaser Surrender: Learning to Let Go to Heal
  1. Telepathy: You get to know when you are connected to your Twin Flame when you begin to channel their emotions and feelings. You always feel the emotional destabilization when your channeling your Twin Flame’s energy even if you are miles apart. This is when you also realize the authenticity of your connection by knowing how your Twin Flames feels and desires.
  2. Emotional Cleansing: Remember that all the pain that you feel from within yourself is yours to heal. In case you feel emotionally caged and stressed, it could be a sign that you need more healing to release yourself from the emotional chains around you.
  3. Authentic connection:Foe me, of it wasn’t the connection that I feel to my Twin Flame whether in the physical or separation, I wouldn’t be in trust of this whole Twin Flame Experience. Sometimes in moments of doubt, I get affirmations from feeling the love Connection without thinking of it. Sometimes my heart swells with so much love, and other times it is a feeling of bliss and euphoria.
How To Surrender To Self-Love: TWIN FLAME SELF-HELP GUIDE 11:11

You need to find different ways to keep your feelings and emotions healthy. You must aspire to feeling balanced and in harmony from within Yourself.

Channel some of those emotions into artistic ventures. Join a music class or art class. Learn to play a music instrument, travel, etc.

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I hope that my perspective helps you with your question.

Stay Blessed!

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