How do you know if he/she is your twin flame?

You Know! That knowing is so genuine and feels like it has always been Part who You are. It’s like You have this Magical Side of You that is Perfect. But in that Moment, Everything is Unfolding so fast that You Don’t Realise that You are a “Twin Flame” – This Concept Comes Up later in search for Answers and Clarifications.

For my Experience, it Opened the calmest, Fragile, Beautiful side of Me! Why? I didn’t understand it then but it Opened Me up to Him. I Expressed the most intimate Side of Me to him without being Physically Intimate. My Whole Being Knew that I was Safe at Home with Him. Forever.

Everything about Him felt Comfortable, from his Shoes to his Hair. The Comfort in his Voice and the Light in his Eyes. I Always wanted to see more of his Eyes that I started wearing Sunglasses all the time Around Him because We Could get Lost in Each other and People Noticed. I was Married.

He reflected on me the Best Version of Myself. What I should be. What I should eat. How I should be Loved and Cared For. Some of these things He did for me were a Reminder that I had forgotten to Provide to Myself and Love Myself. I had forgotten who I was.

When he left, I sure had Work to do because I wanted to feel and be that Perfection every day! It was Tough Climbing and Rising to that “Perfect Love” of Myself as He had Showed Me. I wanted More and More of it that it led me in the direction of Self Learning, Self Forgiveness, Self Freedom and Acceptance.

Now, my Life is filled with Simple Things that I Love. I have picked up new habits like Reading, Yoga, and Changed and Improved my Grooming Routines. All because of that one Human. Just the remembrance of his Eyes, voice or smile motivates me to be a Better Person.

I struggled to find useful information when I went offline, this book helped me to stay in line with the journey – I recommend this one for those who are new to the Twin Flame experience. You will find useful insights on what to expect once you Awaken to a Twin Flame.

Blessings x

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