Is love between twin flames felt instantly or is it first just sexual attraction? How do you know that it’s not just hormones?

It had nothing to do with Sexual Attraction Or Hormones. It don’t know about everyone else but For Me, It all Started with a Sense of Compelete Knowing that I was SAFE to be Myself. Like I felt Naturally COMPLETE as a Woman. I felt Truly at Peace with Myself, the World and Everything and Everyone. It’s Like Life suddenly felt Perfect so Easily and Simply without Me Trying so hard like I always do.

All the Rough Times and Pain that I have endured in my entire existence Suddenly Melted away. It’s Like the Universe Was Paying Me Back for all those times I let others Win even when they didn’t deserve it or all the Stuff that I had to do to Make others Happy without Expectation. I had been PAID back more than Abundantly.

A total Complete “Stranger” Feeling Like a Better Version of Me! This left me inspired to be Better! It’s Like I got a Competitor from Showing Gratitude, Humility, Compassion, Empathy and Loving Myself. I couldn’t let Him Love Me More Than I loved myself so I upped my “Self Love” Game haha.

It’s very Strange Running into a Person who Completes You! At some point I thought that he was making “notes” about me before we met! It’s very cryptic!!! We Use almost the same Words, We beat each other to Compeleting each other’s Thoughts.

We both Craved looking in each other’s eyes and all our Emotions were completely satisfied by Locking eyes without Saying a Word! We could get lost in each other.

The Comfort, Security and the Feeling that You are at Peace with the Universe Keeps You in Constant Bliss and Euphoria.

There is sooo much! Most of I don’t even remember! But the Complete Trust that You have for each other and You can Protect each other. You are SURE they have Your Back and You have there’s!

You Just Know! With every Inch of Your Soul and Your Being!

Blessings x

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