Can you feel it when your twin flame is thinking of you? How?

If you are struggling with Separation from your Twin Flame, here is a simple guide: How to Manage Twin Flame Separation – A Guide for recovery and Healing.

Yes. I get the “double” heartbeat. It feels like 2 Hearts beating Harmoniously as one. Well not in harmony all the time, sometimes the Heartbeat comes with “pain” and Longing. AWAKENING 11:11

One time I was driving on the Highway and Suddenly broke down and started crying because of a “TAG” on my Heart that came with a Heavy feeling of Sadness. A Pull that went on for over an hour. It wasn’t mine but the Tears helped to Release it. Manage Twin Flame Separation

When he lost a Loved one, I Grieved with Him. I went through a period of Mourning. And I was Feeling Him as well but I had no Idea that somebody had passed. Self-Love for beginners

Sometimes I feel like the (Left side of my body is Male and the Right is Female) This is a Personal thing and I don’t assume it happens with others – This is Strange and we are in Constant Communication with each Other contemplating every move we make. Twin Flames

Yes, also the Orgasms haha – my favorite part. This happens anytime, anywhere. The Chills along the Spine and Warm Hug sensations.

The warm sensations around the bottom Heart Area and the Quickening of the Heart.Chaser Pain

Sometimes I Just hear a Voice Straight up in my head. Or a Joke and we both Laugh at it. Twin Flame Blessings

If Somebody watches me in these moments, I Look and Sound Crazy Out Right! Haha

Blessings – x

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