How can a twin flame love someone else or stay in a karmic relationship even when they feel the connection? Why does that happen? How is it true love if they don’t only love their twin? Why can’t the awakened one move on when the other twin can?

Well, when I met my Twin I was Married. 1000% I always wanted to be with my Twin when I Physically Met them! There is no choice whether to stay where you were before you met or Move on right away to be with them!

Once the Awakening is Initiated- the rest is History! This is where the struggle is for Twins who are already relationships come in! Also, this is why Separation really is VERY helpful.

After meeting Him, I knew that I had to first FIX my past Issues for me to enjoy being together with and it Pushed me to Run. Away from Him and everything!!!!

The whole time I was with my “Karmic” I always was with my Twin. Even when I was having sex, I was “Channeling” Him all the Time! There is no ESCAPE of this Twins flame Stuff.

Until everything I’m Me Was cleansed and Freed from my past through “Layers” of Surrender, I have managed to Fix my Issues to focus on myself and my mission in life.

Are We happy with Karmics, NO!!! But we have to Clear our Past Issues with all that it Takes! Our Twin Flames is the Reason or the Motivation for the Quick Recovery.

We need to feel our other Beloveds every moment! Because it is our Genuine reason to Clear our Past! Separation is just an Illusion. We all need each other!!!

Blessings x

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