In order to fully surrender to my Twin Flame connection, should I stop looking at their social media profiles and delete them?

I Blocked Him For Over 6 Months on ALL Social Media. I Felt some Recovery and Relief. Soon after that, They Initiated Contact. Haha, I got TOO EXCITED and Added then Again!

How To Surrender To Self-Love for beginners – This is for those who are non-spiritual Twin Flames looking to understand how energy clearing works, and how to Begin with self-love to help you feel great about yourself – I struggled so much to love myself and I am still going through the process.

It’s been 2 months and they haven’t added me back so yesterday I Chose to RE-BLOCK them Again!

Why? Simply Because I don’t wanna KNOW!

If you are struggling with Separation from your Twin Flame, here is a simple guide: How to Manage Twin Flame Separation – A Guide for recovery and Healing.

I have found a Sweet Spot in this Whole Journey, Self Love and it is Very New to me even if it’s about Myself! I am So In Love with Me!

I don’t care about My Twin anymore! I can DELETE them and I won’t Care! I Am REFRAINING from Social Media because I don’t care about it Either Anymore! – SURRENDER is RAW and REAL !!!!

Social Media is Outside Your Connection- it is also very Disappointing and Misinforming. If they Use Social Media to get to You, then Don’t Engage! Live your Truth and Keep the Love in Your Heart!

A Simple Guide For Newbies – I recommend this one for those who are new to the Twin Flame experience. You will find useful insights on what to expect once you Awaken to a Twin Flame.

Stay Blessed! X

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