Is it normal for the twin flame runner to long for the chaser?

The Pull brought PAIN. For me, I NEVER stopped Feeling my Twin ever! Even when I ran, I felt relieved for a Small Period and I started Throwing myself in Work. I was Genuinely Happy that it was OVER! and then Bam! AWAKENING 11:11

When I was Alone, My Heartbeat, Thoughts and the Constant Longing in the “Background” of my Being kept Pulling me Towards my Twin. This drove me More Crazy!!!! Now I realized that it wasn’t gonna be easy to “Control” it !!!! 24/7 Constantly – before sleep, and Sometimes my Heart wakes me Up! Just beating in the morning and even sleepless nights. Separation Pain

Here Comes the Universe – The moment my Twin Left, we got a new guest right away. She could say words that “Triggered” Memories about My Twin. My God!!!!! I Could not Run from Myself, My Home and My Soul. I was Pinned! When She Left, Another Guest staying for longer Looked Almost “Exactly” as My Twin. Sometimes he Smells like Him. Same height, hair color, eye color, but Ofcourse No one will ever be Him! Every single day the Universe Reminds me of My Twin and it has been a year now! Self-Love

How To Surrender To Self-Love for beginners – This is for those who are non-spiritual Twin Flames looking to understand how energy clearing works, and how to Begin with self-love to help you feel great about yourself – I struggled so much to love myself and I am still going through the process.

With all this Happening, I Could feel my Twin “Internally” every second of it. Whether I’m Happy, Sad, Crying, Laughing, Eating, Thinking, with Other People – Everywhere! If I was alone, those TRIPPLE Numbers Or Wierd Signs Would Pop Up! A photo of him or a Song! Jesus! What? Twin Flames & Karmic Partners

This Whole TWIN-FLAME stuff has to be something that I chose in my before Life because WHAT!!!! It does not Stop once it Starts! Twin Flame Chaser

Feeling this CONSTANTLY Everyday only Changed in INTENSITY. Life on the Outside Keeps going on and Happening. The worst part is that Not everybody Believes You when you share what you feel and It sounds even crazier like as if You are Making it up when You are Explaining to other People. Surrender: Learning to Let Go

Twin Flame Runner Awakening: Does the Twin Flame Runner ever return? – if you have any questions about your Twin Flame runner during Surrender, this is the book for you!

My Business needed me more than Ever, my Marriage was going under, I had a road accident one time driving from work at night at a strange road and I almost died, I was expanding in a new location 1 hour away from Home, one time I was FEELING my Twin and I was Drunk so I Tripped and Hurt my Eye yet I was writing a Book. I got Robbed at my house just out of nowhere in a very Secure Neighborhood, I got 3 stitches in my face. I needed Capital for my business, We were BROKE, etc! Runner Awakening

WOAH!!!! And You Think that Being a Twin Flame is “PRETTY” No Way!!!!! It takes Courage and Unconditional Love to Rising

If you are struggling with Separation from your Twin Flame, here is a simple guide: How to Manage Twin Flame Separation – A Guide for recovery and Healing.

This Pain is not “Bad” necessarily because as You experience it, Your Being and Soul Know What is Happening. All of this Stuff Rising in you just to be Cleansed. My Soul Knew How Strong I am and it Kept saying “Everything is Gonna be Alright” and it still does! And that Pain is not Pain because as I Experienced even when I did not want to, my outside circumstances were Changing for the Best! Free Your Soul

What is BEAUTIFUL about all this is That Never a Day or a Second did I Doubt How I felt for Him. My Twin brought me Beautiful Memories to Wake up in the morning. When I Had Shitty meetings, there he was Comforting Me. Sometimes I Could do the same for Him! OUR Connection was and is EVERYTHING to us! It’s Like We Have Always held each other’s hands. Us against the World. I “Chose Him” Everyday Until I Had to Give in, Accept and Surrendererd to LOVE! Always Connected in Soul

This one is called Twin Flames & Karmic Partners: Lessons of True Love- I resonated with this book because I also found my Twin Flame when I was married. The Time I have been off the internet, I have been busy learning lessons and right now I am in the process of dissolving my Karmic ties- I highly recommend if you are in a relationship when you met your Twin Flame.

No one can HELP You but Yourself. You Realize you have to Dust off the Strength that already Exists in You to become who you already are!

How I SURRENDERED is another Whole Long Story!

Personal Experiences From a True Twin Flame

Blessings x

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