Is it normal to wake up thinking of your twin flame everyday? I’m doing my best to love myself and live, but I can’t stop thinking of him.

I’m trying my best. At some point, I thought that it’s best to think that they “Hate” Me and everything we experienced was a LIE so that I can go back to Living my PREVIOUS “Normal” Life. It was “Boring” but at least I was as BLIND as everyone else with my Human Daily Routines. Small Life. Small FEELINGS. I felt like I had CONTROL to some degree.

How To Surrender To Self-Love for beginners – This is for those who are non-spiritual Twin Flames looking to understand how energy clearing works, and how to Begin with self-love to help you feel great about yourself – I struggled so much to love myself and I am still going through the process.

Now, I wake Up to the Feelings in My Heart Everyday Single day since I met them. There are times when I go to sleep thinking of them, Feel them when I’m dreaming, Wake up to Wanting them and then back to Thinking of them. Constantly during the day just FLOODED with Memories of Us. No matter What is Happening around Me.

Sometimes it’s Pure Bliss and Joy especially after having good dreams about them. I can feel like my Heart is Expanding infinitely. And then sometimes it’s just Sadness, Longing, Dispair, Helplessness. Sometimes it’s a MIX of my Feelings and theirs.

A Simple Guide For Newbies – I recommend this one for those who are new to the Twin Flame experience. You will find useful insights on what to expect once you Awaken to a Twin Flame.

It is most difficult for me right now because I’m Experiencing “Surrender” But it’s quite Slower than I Assumed. It’s also the Most difficult Stage for me So Far! I am so Consumed by the Connection. I can feel my Twin Hold on with their Energy Like they don’t want me to Turn away from them yet the more I Focus on myself, I feel freer! Finding “BALANCE” in all this is Quite Challenging coupled with my daily Human Life.

With all this happening, there is no BREAK from Feeling them, the Connection and Thinking of them!

I guess there is nothing “NORMAL” about all this!

If you are struggling with Separation from your Twin Flame, here is a simple guide: How to Manage Twin Flame Separation – A Guide for recovery and Healing.

But Hey, I have also always felt like I wasn’t NORMAL too. No matter How Challenging This Gets, this is the Happiest that I Have ever been! I Feel right at HOME.

Blessings x☀️

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