Should I contact my twin flame during separation? What should I do if he doesn’t responds to my texts or calls?

I learned my Lesson the Hard way! When I exploded in his Inbox with my feelings for Him but also told Him that I was Gonna go in Hiding (RUNNING), he said that Me Texting Him was making him “Uncomfortable” and I should Stop. I did not Understand what This Meant to Him by then! I thought it was the Usual “Novel Romance” blah blah

Anyways all this was Happening in the OUTSIDE. On the Inside, I could Feel Him Longing for Me. I could feel his Pain. Coupled with my Pain, I could not hold it! I started Texting again after a Month! Just telling him how Work Sucks, how my life was going, how He is the Best thing that ever Happened to Me. He BLOCKED me!!!!!!!!

If you are struggling with Separation from your Twin Flame, here is a simple guide: How to Manage Twin Flame Separation – A Guide for recovery and Healing.

3 Months later, Christmas Day. I wanted to hear his voice. If he was in a good mood. I just wanted to hear his Damn Voice! I call him over 6 times but I was getting voicemails and the more I could hear his voice, the more I wanted to TALK and One Last Time I Tried and He ANSWERED!!!!! I FROZE.

Haha. He Said, Hello! And somehow I responded with “Who is this?” Haha. I didn’t know what to say! The Way He Loves and Knows Me, He Laughed Sooo hard! We both ended up Laughing. I didn’t Ask Him a Word But He Went on Talking and I was Just Listening to His VOICE. It was Paced, Beautiful and Relaxed. We Spoke for less than 2 Minutes but he told me how he was drinking good Wine – We Both Love Wine! – and he was Super Busy with Errands.

I was just Silent on my end just Listening. We could both hear each other Breathe and It took Him a Moment to Hang Up! Yes! He didn’t want to go!!!! Somebody called him in the background and Hang Up.

I don’t remember much of what He said but I remember how Happy He sounded Laughing with Me! He Loved me as I REMEMBER even when I was Needy and Chasing Him. He Loved Hearing My Voice! I Could hear Him and my KNOWING affirmed it. He missed me!

I was Ecstatic! Best Christmas Gift Ever!

After My Mission of hearing his Voice was Over, I RESTED! I started focusing on myself and my Journey.

Since then, He keeps Updating every Couple of Weeks through a Friend! We sometimes send THANKS and Appreciations here and there with Each other. The other Day he Liked a “Social Media” Post and sent a Text to Say Thanks for the Good Work!

Your Connection is Special to the BOTH of You! When We were Living in the Space, we were Inseparable, why Should I Feel Like They are GONE just because of Distance?

A Simple Guide For Newbies – I recommend this one for those who are new to the Twin Flame experience. You will find useful insights on what to expect once you Awaken to a Twin Flame.

You Know the Answer In Your Heart Already!

Blessings to You! x☀️

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