What happens if one decides that he/she just doesn’t want to be bothered by the twin flame journey anymore? Are they cursed for life?

Please Allow me to Respond with some more Metaphors beginning with a Question!

What would happen if you choose not to Accept Your Reflection in the Mirror? Will that Change Your Actual Image or Who You Physically Are?

A Simple Guide For Newbies – I recommend this one for those who are new to the Twin Flame experience. You will find useful insights on what to expect once you Awaken to a Twin Flame.

NO! You will Keep Living Your Life But Knowing that You Don’t Agree with the Mirror! You can even Choose to Design Your Life without Mirrors. This will affect your Simple Life Choices Like places to visit, your personal image and Identity, how you interact with others and even your self-esteem. All of This Just because of One Simple TRUTH, the Mirror is Reflecting Back at You “YOURSELF” and You don’t Accept it.

Is anybody Lucky enough to have a Desired Reflection Different from their Image by Flip of a finger? Well, NO! It happens to all of us!!!! MIRRORS Treat all of us the Same Way!

If you are struggling with Separation from your Twin Flame, here is a simple guide: How to Manage Twin Flame Separation – A Guide for recovery and Healing.

You Don’t Like what you see? You can choose to “WORK” on your Self Image So that You can Achieve Your Desired Image Or Choose to IGNORE Yourself” altogether but the REALITY will Still EXIST.

From my experience, you can Not IGNORE the Connection. It will Exist Whether You Choose to Forget your Twin or Not! It is part of your being and Who You are. Your SOUL Wants you to Acknowledge YOURSELF but we have FREE WILL!

You are Free to Choose to Live in DENIAL of Yourself and this usually comes with a Constant Lingering Feeling of Being Lost, Incompleteness, Meaninglessness and Sometimes Life Feels CHAOTIC on the Outside. Until You Give in, ACCEPT Who You Are and do the Necessary Work for Your Soul.

How To Surrender To Self-Love for beginners – This is for those who are non-spiritual Twin Flames looking to understand how energy clearing works, and how to Begin with self-love to help you feel great about yourself – I struggled so much to love myself and I am still going through the process.

It has very little to do with our other Half. They are just a TRIGGER or a REFLECTION Ourselves. The Shine a Light on Parts of Ourselves that We Need to Work on to Heal.

Apart from the CONNECTION that we Share, our Beloveds are Physically Outside OURSELVES. The “Battle” is on the INSIDE.

You can not Run away from Yourself.

I Wish You the Best of Luck on your Journey!

Blessings x

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