Do twin flames who are in the process of awakening try to play with the unawaken one to realize them about the connection?

Are you to the Twin Flame experience? Here is a starter guide for your inspirations

What makes you realize that you are experiencing a Twin Flame relationship?

Simple, it is the acknowledgment of the Connection.

From my experience, your job as aTwin Flame is not to make sure that you awaken your partner. You already know how they feel about you because your first encounter affirms the authenticity of your connection.

Remember that the term Twin Flames is only a Tag to explain your experience. I believe that there are so many phases of stress, frustration, personal growth, and love lessons that I believe each of us could choose a different name to describe their experiences.

Fun Fact:you can’t make another person believe that you are Twin Flames because it is obvious to both of you that you have a special bond. Putting a name to your connection comes in later after feeling the connection.

For us, we are both overwhelmed by how we feel for each other, loving my Twin Flame leaves me feeling defenseless and vulnerable. I know that we are using our bickering, Running andChasingbecause some of our friends we’re becoming curious about our bond. Even strangers always mistook my Twin Flame and me to be a couple.

When I told my Twin Flame how I feel for him, he didn’t deny how he feels for me. If he gave me any sign that I was being delusional, I think I would have moved on a long time ago.

He said, ”Your letter made me feel uncomfortable. I think it’s best for everyone if we don’t talk.”

This statement haunted me because, from the way I know him, he was overwhelmed by his feelings as I was overwhelmed by mine.

For the past two years, this Love that we have for each other has haunted us.

We have never told each other about Twin Flames but I won’t be surprised if he knows much more than I do about the topic because the encounter threw both of us in emotional chaos and Soul awakening.

I don’t believe in the name of the experience but I believe that the connection is real. Unconditional love between two souls is real – and yes, meeting someone truly who has this uncanny familiarity beats my understanding.

He could try and reach out to me through our friends and if it became too quiet on my end, he would poke me with a sweet brief text of gratitude.

My Twin Flame says that I am Special. And, I tell him that he is a Rare Breed, Authentic and a Limited Edition.

No matter how crazy your Twin Flame situation looks like to others, the connection that you feel to your Twin Flame makes it all Worth it.

As you grow into your shared energy, the connection gets sweeter and more blissful than your Twin Fame will feel the attraction intensifying.

Positive Affirmations = Soul Growth

You always remember your Twin Flame.

Useful Extra Reading Resources: SELF-HELP BOOKS by Silvia Moon

What happens when the Runner Twin Flame wakes up to the Connection?

I hope that my perspective helps you with your question.

Stay Blessed!

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