How can the so called twin flame runner not make any communication with the chaser even in separation? How can the strength of not reaching out seem so easy? Is it even easy?

Once you run from your Twin Flame, it is hectic to stay away from them at first but it gets easier as time passes and you get used to staying in hiding until you are ready to confront the situation.

What happens when the Runner wakes up?

The more the Chaser gets better ways to keep at the chasing game, the more the runner Twin Flame finds exotic ways to run and hide. This game goes on until one or both Twin Flames choose to face the truth.

A dear friend of mine advised me tostop running and tell my Twin Flame the truth of the situation that I want to be with him forever because that is how I feel.

But, until my friend poked me to face the situation, I have been seeing myself as the Chaser. The truth is that I have been using the chasing idea to stay where I am without taking action.

Before I initiated contact a month ago, I was afraid of being rejected. I pictured all the scenarios of him blocking me and saying all the weird negative stuff that my mind could think of.

I was surprised that he responded to my message. (I was afraid of checking my messages for a week), but I eventually did.

But, over the last 2 weeks, his responses became spotty and now he checks my messages but he says nothing back — this is also because I can’t be as stoic as he is. Every time I talk to him, I explode with emotional stuff which makes him uncomfortable.

I am compelled to run from this whole situation because I too feel uncomfortable because I don’t know what to expect or what might come out of this new dynamic. Sometimes I am compelled to think about how it is easier to love my Twin Flame in Separation than CONFRONT these strong feelings.

You can’t contain the Twin Flame feelings and emotions. My Twin Flame brings out all the chaotic emotions at once. I always feel overwhelmed and emotionally wild.

I have been asking myself these questions: Twin Flame Advice

What do I want out of this Twin Flame Experience?

Of course, I Desire Union with my Twin Flame but why is the reality overwhelming me when I think of reconciliation?

If it is my Twin Flame that I truly want, why are thoughts of an imminent Union freaking me out?

What can I do to match my desires with my physical experiences?

It took me a while to find the answers to the above questions because I had to confront the truth about whether I wanted a harmonious physical relationship with my Twin Flame.

After soul searching, I realized that I have to embody the feeling and emotions of being in a harmonious physical relationship with my Twin Flame.

No matter how difficult the situation gets, running from the connection is not the answer. It is challenging to my ego to break down the fear because running was much easier than confronting this Twin Flame situation.

I am still afraid of being rejected by him because I don’t know what to do with how I feel for him but at the same time, I am excited to start over our friendship if there is a chance.

I’m choosing to confront the situation and I know that the universe is on my side. I see Positive Affirmationssigns everywhere.

I hope that my perspective helps you.

Stay Blessed.


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