What message would the twin flame be saying by his silence after his karmic read all our texts?

What would you do if you meet your Twin Flame when you are already in a relationship?

TF: Isn’t it strange how we met? It’s also not our fault that we feel this way for each other.

Me: Yeah. I know.

TF: I think it’s best for everybody if we don’t talk. Your husband is my friend. I will have to tell him that we are talking.

Me: grrrr. Why the Universe? Why give me a gift just to take it away?

These are some of the conversations that I had with my Twin Flame when we first met. Remember that we both didn’t know about being Twin Flames – we were so surprised by how intense our connection is.

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Your Twin Flame must be furious to a degree right now and don’t take it personally but he must be angry at you too for being the cause of the drama. (It’s not personal). This confrontation from his Karmic Partner might trigger him into running from your connection. I have been there too!

If I were you, I would learn my Lesson and so would he. You can’t have it both ways because having a Twin Flame is more like “emotional” cheating.

The most adult thing to do here is to give your Twin Flame the space that he needs. Let him work out his Karmic situation on his own and have faith that once things are settled, he will choose you.

Just because your Twin Flame’s Karmic partner is not a Twin Flame, it doesn’t make it right for her relationship to be violated. There are reasons why your Twin Flame is still with them.

Your Twin Flame’s silence is screaming a lot at you right now and if you listen, you will hear what they are saying to you.

Your Twin Flame must be so frustrated by how his life situation is turning out to be right now because they will have to make shifts and changes in their lives to either accommodate you in their lives or block you out so that he can stay happy in his Karmic relationship.

As I said, don’t take it personally the pain of Twin Flame Physical Separation.

The best thing for you to do is keep a distance between you and your Twin Flame. Let them deal with their Karmic situation and as he does that, love yourself and be happy. Life is too short to wait for your Twin Flame so that you can feel alive. Some of the tips to help you with Surrender.

If my Twin Flame has stayed in my life as I dissolved my marriage, I wouldn’t have found out about Twin Flames, and I would never have embarked on this journey of self re-discovery.

Be strong, and believe in your Twin Flame Process. No matter what happens, everything will be alright in the end.


I wish you the best of luck. I truly understand how you are feeling right now.

There comes a time when the Twin Flame chaser surrenders to the connection after experiencing the stress and exhaustion of chasing the divine counterpart. What are some of the tips to help you with Surrender?

What do you do when your Twin Flame partner wants to leave their marriage for you but their husband or wife is still in love with them? —Twin Flames & Karmic Partners

Stay Blessed!

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