What are the things you feel right before a twin flame union?


Oh wow! I was thinking of how I would describe my feelings and sensations right now to any Twin Flame who hasn’t reached this phase and I must say, this is the right question to help me do it!

Before I go into details, one thing that beats my mind about being a Twin Flame is how love can “hurt” in the most beautiful way!


These signs made me realize that I had met my Twin Flame even though I was very naive about the Twin Flame experiences.

I feel intense feelings of unconditional love, euphoria, and bliss but I don’t know what to do with myself! I feel like my chest is soon breaking open because of too much love.

Twin Flame Awakening Experience

Lately, when I wake in the morning, my heart smiles. I am so happy with my life situation: everything has completely changed to how I want it to be. My life aligns with my authentic self – I feel brand new and marvelous!

How does the Universe make the Twin Flame Runner realise that the connection is genuine?

From my experience, if Union with your Twin Flame is meant to be, you feel it coming close because you look and feel ready for a second chance. Also, your Soulfeels it too!

  • Energy Growth/Change:

If you had been chasing your Twin Flame previously, you feel your energy dynamic changing from Chaser energy to feelings of bliss, harmony, and balance. (Chaser Pain) The Chaser Pain: How do you let go and have inner peace as you wait for your Twin Flame Reunion.

But, before you get to feel harmonized and balanced, you go through a phase of minor emotional turbulence especially if your Twin Flame partner is still struggling to harmonize their energy because harmony is only achieved if you are both energetically aligned. Understanding Twin Flame Telepathy: A simple Spiritual Guide

As the Twin Flame Chaser, how do you Surrender and focus on yourself as you hope to reunite with your Twin Flame someday?


I have been experiencing this phase for over two months now; other people call it the “ illumination stage”.

  • Your heart radiates only unconditional love for your Twin Flame:

It doesn’t matter what your Twin Flame did to you earlier to separate and it doesn’t matter what you did. Twin Flame Union 11:11: A Preparation Guide For Beginners

By the time you get to this phase, all the frustration, pain and anger are dissolved. Your Twin Flame Process teaches you lessons of forgiveness both for yourself and others. You learn to understand that fear is a matter of perspective and pain is natural. These are the mostly Asked Questions about the Runner Twin Flame with the most interesting answers.

When you look back on your journey from this stage, you don’t remember what exactly your Twin Flame did wrong because you have a fresh perspective towards yourself, your Twin Flame and your life situation. Runner Return Signs: A Reunion Guide Back to The Chaser

What are some Twin Flame Fun Facts?


Because of the Soul lessons learned, you feel brand new and you want to start over with your Twin Flame.

  • You feel like you are your Twin Flame in Essence:

Every time I look in the mirror lately, I see my Twin Flame smile back at me. It is the most beautiful feeling ever!

Apart from seeing yourself the way your Twin Flame does, you completely surrender your future to the universe because you know how your Twin Flame feels for you!

Are you asking any of these questions about a Runner Twin Flame?

The authenticity of the Twin Flame Connection is that there is feedback in the connection. No matter what you are feeling, you feel your Twin Flame on the other end of the connection both in receiving and sending back to you. The infamous Twin Flame Separation Phase: A blessing in disguise.

The TWIN-FLAME Connection becomes clear in this phase.


There comes a time when the Twin Flame chaser surrenders to the connection after experiencing the stress and exhaustion of chasing the divine counterpart. What are some of the tips to help you with Surrender

Every time I send love to my Twin Flame in my heart, I feel him receive it but sometimes he sends me back heavy feelings of longing that make me cry. His sad feelings make me moody and restlessness.

  • Two hearts beating as one:

If your Twin Flame Connection is real, you get to know it by this phase of the Twin Flame Process.

Twin Flame Chaser Pain – How to Recover from Separation – How do you keep enjoying your life when you desperately want to be with your Twin Flame?

If you have been going through an obsession, you will also understand by this phase that you had been delusional all along.

(Don’t wait to reach this phase to check if you are going through a Twin Flame Connection or not, be real with yourself every day!)

Because your hearts beat as one unit you and your Twin Flame, it is very uncomfortable to feel it at first but you learn to ease it into the new feelings as you embrace your development of the Twin Flame Connection.


Remember at the beginning of your Twin Flame journey when you were asking about the signs of your Twin Flame loves you or not?

Have you Surrendered to Self-love yet?

When you get to this phase, the signs are overwhelmingly true.

Your heart area heats up whenever your Twin Flame is either thinking of you or dreaming of you!

There are nights when I am having peaceful dreams and suddenly, my heart changes the beat. Sometimes it increases in speed accompanied by desire, longing, and pain that it snaps me out of my sleep.


Last night when I felt his heart pull, I said to myself; “Ahh! Not again! Please let me sleep!” The feeling lasted for an hour then I fell back to sleep.

In the past two days, I have been busy with my work and I have been giving little attention to my thoughts. I reached a point where I felt blocked in everything that I was doing because I was resisting the temptation of thinking of him incessantly. The Bubble Love Phase: How do you feel when you meet your Twin Flame initially?

If you are struggling with Recovering and Healing from the pain of separation, try these tips because they worked for me.

I also got “writer’s block” that I felt like I was forcing myself to write here on Quora.

What I did is that I cleared my schedule today to hang out with my Twin Flame in telepathic communication and at the same time, I am doing things that make me happy. This is how I initiated a reunion with my Twin Flame.


If I don’t give time to the connection, I get feelings of helplessness and restlessness.

  • You believe in your Twin Flame Connection:

If you had doubts about your Twin Flame and your connection, the illumination stage brings every truth to light.

Does the Runner Twin Flame miss the Chaser as well? Does the runner ever return?

If you know that you are experiencing an authentic connection, you start to prepare yourself for a Union. You dig deeper into yourself to make sure you have no more pain left and you Love Yourself as much as your Twin Flame loves you. Surrender To Self-Love.

You do not doubt that a physical Union is imminent.

Do you remember that feeling of Awe! And the imminent feeling that your relationship is meant to be? You had this feeling right at the beginning of your encounter – this feeling becomes a Reality.

You start seeing the universe show you signs that you have been right all along. You now understand the meaning of divine timing.

Twin Flame Love Stages: The Journey to a Happy Forever

  • Last but not least, you prepare your physical life situation for your Twin Flame’s arrival.

You feel as is there is a countdown to your Union. You know that it is going to happen soon or later even if you have no idea or plan on how it will go down.

Are you new to the Twin Flame experiences? Here is a simple Guide for You.

For me, I feel exactly the way I felt during the few weeks before I met my Twin Flame. I had no idea about Twin Flames, and meeting him was unexpected but I had this unexplainable happiness and joy.


When you know, you know!

Simple Advice for all Twin Flames:

Don’t wait to get to this phase to aspire to a physical Union with your Twin Flame. Have the end in mind and keep working towards it no matter how many people say you are delusional or obsessed. Only you know what your Twin Flame situation is like and no one else can tell you the truth of your connection. Awakening to Twin Flame love: When You meet your Twin Flame, you feel the ONENESS due to the energetic merge.

A physical Union will not manifest if you are doubtful about your experience because whatever you desire, you will manifest.

It took me a while to embody feelings of Union because I wasn’t focused on it, to begin with. I knew that I desperately wanted to be with my Twin Flame but I don’t embrace the idea in my heart because I was consumed with the pain of physical separation.

When I got to this phase before Union, I felt uncomfortable at first every time I thought of uniting with my Twin Flame. I felt like Running again until I learn to embrace the feelings of Union.

I created personal mental Positive Affirmations to raise my energetic vibration in alignment with the harmonious Union.

What do you do when your Twin Flame partner wants to leave their marriage for you but their husband or wife is still in love with them?Twin Flames & Karmic Partners

I hope that my perspective helps you with your question.

I have questions for you today:

  1. Are you NEW to the Twin Flame experience? How are you doing lately?

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Stay Blessed!

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