How is your soul feeling today? Does it miss your twin flame?

My soul has been going through an odd experience lately because it’s been blocking me from writing on quora for days.

Does the Runner miss the Chaser partner during physical separation?

11:11: Twin Flame Awakening

I started a YOUTUBE Channel.

My Twin Flame’s energy feels needy and too attached unlike before. Sometimes I disconnect from everyone and everything to be alone with the connection that I feel.

I went into meditation the other day, and my heart started racing on its own until I had to throw up to release the tension. I thought that my chest was going to explode.

As the Twin Flame Chaser, how do you Surrender and focus on yourself as you hope to reunite with your Twin Flame someday?

That day, I cleared my work schedule and focused on sending live to my Twin Flame because I realize that sending him our secret message code could have rattled him.

My soul is expanding daily and the more it does that, the more happiness expands in my physical life.

I love my Twin Flame every day no matter where I am or who I am with you. Loving him is a natural feeling for me.

Have you Surrendered to Self-love yet?

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Blessings to you.

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