I’m not excited anymore about my twin flame journey. I’m tired and can’t get out of this. I’m only getting triggers and pain 24/7. What should I do?

I feel you. I know the emotional highs and lows of this Twin Flame journey at thefirst-hand experience.

Today you feel you are on top of everything like you have it all figured out and then tomorrow when you wake up, you feel like nothing is working, or you are being delusional.

Every Twin Flame will tell you that there is no way around the Twin Flame process, you have to go through it. You must be brave to trust the process and the love that you feel. There is no hiding from how you feel.

It took me a while to get a hang of my experience because I was constantly frustrated by how I felt with the emotional chaos.

Twin Flame Advice

This is what I did to get out of the slump.

  1. Take early morning showers. This sounds very simple and basic but a shower soothes you. Feeling clean and ready to attack the day switches your perspective on how to embrace the day. Remember that once you conquer the day, the is a step further on your journey to Free Your Soul from the pain.
  2. Clean and organize your work and living space. Become a minimalist. Again, this is a simple thing to do but walking into your house and everything is where it should give you that warm feeling of having your home as your sanctuary. Remember that you spend so much time alone as a Twin Flame so it is important to be happy in your bubble.
  3. Make your bed every morning with passion. I always get excited to sleep in a well-made bed. It makes me feel comfortable and I have good dreams when I sleep. The better your dreams are the better your mornings will be and you will appreciate your Soul Growth Inspirations for your everyday motivation.
  4. Stay away from negative people. Remember that the Twin Flame experience is an accelerated energy-consuming process, therefore, the more you nurture your energy, it raises your energetic vibration to shift out of the bad moods.
  5. Do some dirty work. Go to a pottery class, or start gardening. You will completely feel anew if your flowers or plants blossom. You will feel like you are nurturing nature and it is also your quality time. I love planting pot plants because it is such a wonderful distraction because you keep enjoying your life even if you desperately want to be with your Twin Flame.
  6. Journal your feelings. Show that pen and paper who is boss! Let it all out, cry it out as you jot down your feelings. You will feel better every time to release those negative feelings.
  7. Send a Thank you note to your Twin Flame to thank them for inspiring you to be brave on your journey. Even if they don’t respond, it will be part of your future conversations.

Thank you for asking this question.

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Twin Flames & Karmic Partners

I hope that my answer helps you.

Stay blessed.

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