At what part of the twin flame journey did you start to cut off bad habits within yourself that you carried?

Are you NEW to the Twin Flame experience? How is your new Twin Flame experience going? Here is a starter guide for you.

Instantly. The next morning after I met my Twin Flame, I woke up feeling completely anew and feeling authentic like I do feel now.

The initial encounter or the bubble love phase as it is known to most reminds me of Movie Trailers where you get to see the preview of the whole thing.

For my experience, once we Physically Separated because we come from different continents, I first fell back into my old habits again after he left and then I realized that meeting him had changed me and I didn’t like my old self.

What Simple tips are you using to manage the pain of physical separation from your Twin Flame?

Now, the Twin Flame process has been very transformative for me because I had to make myself feel authentic and anew the way my Twin Flame makes me feel without his presence like at the initial encounter. Twin Flame Blessings.

When I look back, I have been learning to embody that shared energy vibration with my Twin Flame that makes me feel vibrant and authentic.

If you’re looking for the map to your Twin Flame journey, remember who you are when you are with youTwin Flame.

They show up in your life to teach, show and guide you on have to make meaningful changes in your life.

What do you do when your Twin Flame partner wants to leave their marriage for you but their husband or wife is still in love with them?Twin Flames & Karmic Partners

This is a sample of what you will become once you learn to rise to the same energetic vibration with your Twin Flame on your own during physical separation.

After two years of our initial encounter, now I understand what my journey has been all about.

If you’re struggling to understand the dynamics of your Twin Flame experience, look back on your ”Bubble Love Phase” because you already have the answers with you.

How, and What is Twin Flame Surrender?

Thanks for asking this, I hope that my perspective helps you.


Stay Blessed.

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