How do you ease unpleasant feelings you pick up from your twin like loneliness, doubts, anger, and inner emptiness? I’m sure these aren’t my feelings, he’s the runner and does not reach out or respond. What should I do to make both of us feel better?

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I saw your question yesterday but I decided to first absorb my experience and then answer later to you with what I observed. I felt like this all day yesterday, and when I woke up today, I first checked myself to know how I feel.

How is your new Twin Flame experience going?

I am happy to tell you that I managed to go through the unpleasant feelings: loneliness, doubts, anger, and inner emptiness, I felt it all but I feel so much better today!

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  • At the beginning of the day when I started to experience unpleasant feelings, I felt like I was having a hangover that wasn’t mine. I lost appetite for food and I felt like throwing up all day.
  • Secondly, my heart was being pulled in by my Twin Flame’s energy and so were my thoughts. I kept having visions of him everywhere I looked.
  • I also caved all day yesterday because I didn’t want to be disturbed by anybody. I wanted to be left alone with my lovesickness.
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I couldn’t go on all day like this so I found different ways to snap myself out of the low energetic vibe:

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  1. To distract my mind, I immersed myself in creative designing. For me, I am an artist and Author but I love to challenge myself by learning something new. So yesterday, I dived into graphics designing and it distracted me all day.
  2. Clean your living area, and organize it the way you want it to be. Once I finished with distracting my mind, I got bored so I needed something else to do. There wasn’t much because I wanted to be alone, I decided to purge any objects and belongings that were not of use to me anymore. This took most of the time of my day and I also got exhausted from cleaning. At the end of the day, I was happy with how my house looked and I was had a great night’s sleep from the exhaustion. When I woke up today, I am happier with the day because I managed to release the negative energy.
  3. Another trick that usually works for me is practically showing Self-love to myself when I feel energetically low. I listen to my favorite music (Stay away from love songs when you feel low), I do my manicure, give myself a foot and body scrub or take a nice warm bath with my favorite soap.
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Lessons learned:

  • Don’t indulge in alcohol – it only makes you feel more lonely and paranoid. I usually do stupid things like trying to contact my Twin Flame which I always regret the next day when I am sober.
  • Stay away from your Twin Flame’s social media when you are feeling unpleasant. You will only get more frustrated by what you see or read because you are not in a balanced emotional and energetic state.
  • Don’t numb the pain. Let is flow through you. Feel the pain and the uneasiness until you know every aspect of it. This is the Authenticity of the Twin Flame connection – being able to feel your Twin Flame for better or for worse.
  • Have your quiet time: Reach out to your Twin Flame in your heart, meditation or telepathic communication. Send unconditional love – I usually “hug” my Twin Flame’s energy with my heart.
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I will let you know of my progress if anything new happens.

I hope that my perspective helps you with your question.

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Stay Blessed.

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